Good Morning

This was an early photo at 7.15 a.m. As my first action in the morning I always open the window and step outside to test the air, temperature and see what the weather is doing. This time I took a photo straight away and I could hear the birds singing. I did not realise that they also sung on Winter mornings. Perhaps they realise that daylight is now increasing since yesterday’s Winter solstice, perhaps they just want to tell me not to forget to put out food in the morning.

At the moment they are patiently waiting in the opposite trees to keep an eye on things.

Yesterday was another day at home. The days of my excursions in the neighbourhood on Sunday are now far and few between. The weather is not so friendly and this virus is weighing a little on my mind. That we have come so far in the family with no signs is for me a miracle and I hope the miracle continues. I feel so sorry for the Brits with the new development of the virus putting them into a complete lockdown for the Christmas in the South East mainly of England, which is the area of my family members. The latest news in Switzerland is that the vaccine is arriving and injections will begin now. They are doing it Kanton by Kanton and we have a list of who is first. I was surprised to see that the first Kantons were the smallest and those not so affected as other Kantons. It will be our turn in the first week of January and Mr. Swiss and I will probably be in the first group. One thing I noticed is that it will cost nothing for anyone. Generally in Switzerland you have to pay for everything.

Yesterday evening I was again left alone with the TV programme as Mr. Swiss usually retires an hour or two before me. I never noticed the age difference of eight years between us, but it now makes a difference with his 80 years. He tires quicker than I do. Throughout our married life he was always the one that went to bed an hour after me. How things can change. Yesterday evening he left me with an interesting travel programme from Michael Palin about his journey to Mount Everest including Tibet and some interesting groups in China. Tibet is the highest country in the world. At the time of his visit the Chinese had left Llhasa. The Dalai Llama was no longer living in the palace and it was now just for sightseeing. The Dalai Llama lived in the room on the roof of the palace and had a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

This was followed by the satirical film made by the Americans about the Death of Stalin. It was quite funny in places and all the Russian political figures of the time (1953) were featured, from Molotov, Khruschev, Bulganin naturally to Beria who was the Secret Police chief of the time. I remembered them all, although I was only 8 years old at the time but picked up the information at a later date. I do remember seeing the death of Stalin shown in the British news, but at the time did not realise all the details. Khruschev was the first Soviet leader I remembered, together with Bulganin who seemed to have disappeared after a time. The film was quite funny, not exactly the truth as it was, but the whole Russian show at the time must have been similar.

Here is one of the trailers to the film. I afterwards did some investigating in Wikipedia and Beria was eventually shot for his crimes. When Stalin collapsed they left him a couple of days before organising a doctor to take a look. Most of the good doctors were in any case either executed or sent to exile apparently. That was shown in the film, but not far from the truth.

Anyhow I eventually went to bed with my interest awakened to read up a bit more about the facts of the death of Stalin and the government of the time.

There was not very much happening in bird life in the garden yesterday, but I did managed to capture the arrival of a Eurasian blue tit at my birdhouse. They prefer to sample their food from a height other than on the ground with the common sparrows.

And now I am off for the Monday morning routine. clearing away the week-end. It is supposed to rain today, but up to now nothing has happened and I really want to take a trip to the store this afternoon for a few items.

Have a good day, may the health be with you.