14 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Compact

  1. Love the sound of it. Just realise that I forgot to buy a puff pastry for MY pork fillet in the fridge. And I can’t shop one because I’m away by train and only return AFTER the shops closure on the 24th….. AND I’ll have guests on the 25th, 26th and 27th….. that’s great! I’ll have to change my Xmas hat for my thinking cap quickly! But then I’m always coming up with an idea 💡

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    • I hope I do not forget anything. Today I more or less got all I need until Christmas. Just have to get some bread tomorrow and would like to get a pastete but have not found one yet.

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      • What do you mean with Pastete? I know the vol-au-vents, the small puff pastry forms you fill with a mushroom & cream &/or cheese filling. Do you mean a pâté you can cut in slices? If it’s that I usually see them at Lidl…. as it’s a rather French thing. But then, i’m No longer the expert. I don’t know any more what is typically Swiss, French, Italian or English…. YOU tell ME! 🙂

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        • It is meat in a special pastry. I do not know it under another neme It is similar to vol-au-vent, but more in a small cake form. You can get them in most Swiss grocery departments at Christmas, or also throughout the year.

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          • Ah yes, it’s was we had frequently in France. they are indeed called pâtés, and they look like small long ‘hard-ish’ cakes, you cut them in slim slices – often they are made from liver of any sort…. i got sick and tired of them but I think they are alright from time to time….. 🙂

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