Good Morning

And another very misty day in the wilds of Switzerland. 9 a.m and my garden is waiting for the sparrow invasion. I can hear them chirping in the surrounding trees. The last Sunday before Christmas and I have worked out that I have three shopping days left. I am still endeavouring to get to grips with this holiday and still have a few final groceries to organise. It is mainly the vegetables. I have a good reserve of frozen veg, but I prefer fresh to cook. Of course sprouts must not be missing on the Christmas dinner table. I really do not know why I bother so much, we are only three people. It seems that at the table in Britain there will be even less people after the latest news about their mega lockdown with no family visitors at Christmas.

Yesterday I did my own lock down and was at home all day.

I think the only time I left the appartment to go outside was to feed the birds and take a few photos. Photos are very scarce at the moment as I am not going into town. There is too much virus threat around, and better to play safe at home.

And that is really all I have to say today. I have no big plans for the day, perhaps I might bake a cake to keep me busy. Have a good Sunday everyone.