RDP Saturday: Joy

Why do a few seeds give me joy? As a golden oldie I have all I need, and there is not a lot of time left to really need more. However, today I got a wonderful unexpected Christmas card from my American cousin, although I have no connections to the States basically. I found her on a social site, because she has the exact same maiden name as I do. It was pure coincidence. I suppose we all do it. Just for the fun of it you search your name in Internet and I found mine some years ago. However, one day I got curious to see if she was in a certain social site (which will not be named) and she was. One thing lead to another, we wrote, connected and have become online colleagues since.

She even knitted me my kitty cat hat which was quite a thing some time ago at a march in the states.

And now I received a card including some milkweed seeds. Why milkweed you might ask. We had an online discussion some time ago. It seems they are common in America and attract the monarch butterfly. I mentioned I have never seen them in Switzerland and now I am perhaps one of the few in Switzerland that have their seeds. Little things please little minds and I will definitely plant them when Spring arrives and hope for a nice harvest and a few butterfly visits.

RDP Saturday: Joy

6 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Joy

  1. You may need someone to ship you some Monarch caterpillars. See http://www.eeb.cornell.edu/agrawal/2018/12/08/milkweeds-but-not-monarchs-in-europe-natural-and-cultural-history-and-a-modest-proposal/

    And always beware planting seeds from other continents – it LOOKS like milkweed is fine (at least it’s already been introduced in parts of Europe), but be careful not to introduce anything considered “invasive” and likely to destroy local native plants and critters.

    Good luck bringing in the butterflies!

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