17 thoughts on “FOTD 19th December 2020: Poinsettia

  1. White was the second color to be popularized after red. It is quite normal, and not albino. Pink was the third color. Nowadays, poinsettias can be orangish pink, pale yellow, purplish red, striped, blotched, spotted . . . it is sort of weird.

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    • For Christmas, red, white, and green are enough! I’ve seen the pink ones from time to time – they just look weird to me, but only because I associate the flowers with Christmas. I’ve never seen the other varieties – good to know, Tony.

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        • But pink might be lovely for a breast cancer survivor or for Valentine’s day. Then again, we are not all weird and stuck on color symbolism – I am still a bit put off by blue Christmas lights. LOL

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          • Poinsettias are not grown for Valentine’s Day . . . although they would be the right color for that. As much as I dislike poinsettias, I intend to eventually grow at least one in my home garden. They behave very differently from how they are forced for Christmas. I think I would prefer a simple red cultivar because that is how I remember them, but would not object to a white one too, . . . and maybe even a pink one. BUT, that is only in my own garden!

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