FOWC with Fandango: Guile

It all began when the neighbour’s cat appeared at my window in the morning and I decided to organise some small offerings for him. I had know this cat for many years, but he was not the best friend of my cats. Now I no longer have any cats and so am pleased to see him now and again. The problem is he no longer just appears in the morning, but at midday and also in the evening and always gets a feline tit bit from me. I met the neighbour that owns Roschti (the name of the cat) and asked if it was OK to feed him a little in between. He laughed and and told me there was no problem. Roshti is now 18 years old and has got quite friendly to all. He is quite healthy but naturally is gradually feeling his age. It seems that he also visits the neighbours that live next door to him and they also given him a few donations. My next door neighbour told me this week that he also calls in at her place for a few goodies.

It seems that our Roschti has it all worked out. Of course the guy he owns feeds him well. Cats can be very sly it seems and know which side the bread is buttered.

FOWC with Fandango:

RDP Saturday: Joy

Why do a few seeds give me joy? As a golden oldie I have all I need, and there is not a lot of time left to really need more. However, today I got a wonderful unexpected Christmas card from my American cousin, although I have no connections to the States basically. I found her on a social site, because she has the exact same maiden name as I do. It was pure coincidence. I suppose we all do it. Just for the fun of it you search your name in Internet and I found mine some years ago. However, one day I got curious to see if she was in a certain social site (which will not be named) and she was. One thing lead to another, we wrote, connected and have become online colleagues since.

She even knitted me my kitty cat hat which was quite a thing some time ago at a march in the states.

And now I received a card including some milkweed seeds. Why milkweed you might ask. We had an online discussion some time ago. It seems they are common in America and attract the monarch butterfly. I mentioned I have never seen them in Switzerland and now I am perhaps one of the few in Switzerland that have their seeds. Little things please little minds and I will definitely plant them when Spring arrives and hope for a nice harvest and a few butterfly visits.

RDP Saturday: Joy

Good Morning

I suppose even the misty morning photos have their charm. I would certainly prefer a little sunshine. Strange to think that the tree in the middle of the photo is a Japanese Cherry and in Spring is full of wonderful pink flowers. Now it is sleeping in its Winter coat. It all looks a little spooky at the moment. I suppose I should be glad when it does not snow.

However, there is always a bright side somewhere and look what I discovered this morning in the garden: fresh green shoots. I could hardly believe it, but realised that they are the first signs of my snowdrops. I planted them many years ago and they make their regular appearance every year. It is the first time that I have noticed their arrival. Perhaps a little early, but we have had no frost up to now. They are a hardy plant and I am sure they will survive to show their flowers eventually.

Yesterday evening I was sitting at the table with my computer and heard a flattering noise with a slight buzz.

Suddenly this guy landed next to my computer on the table. It is a brown marmorated stinkbug, I did not even know they flew, but they have quite impressive wings I noticed. I saw this guy in the apartment at the beginning of the week creeping along the top of a wall. I am not exactly pleased to see insects indoors and usually remove them to the garden. I felt a little sorry for this one as he is really in the wrong place at the wrong time. His summer days were gone and he is one of the last survivors. I did not have the heart to kill him and I actually forgot he was there. Yesterday he made a new appearance. Of course, my first reaction was to grab the camera although I only had my mobile phone ready. I showed him to Mr. Swiss who is more used to these creatures, growing up here. His reaction was to somehow put him into a deep freeze for his last moments. Do not kill him, he said, as they stink. I had no intention of killing him or transporting him to my freezer and decided to let him live his last days in freedom with the idea that if I leave him alone, he will leave me alone. I see a long legged spider now and again, but nothing dangerous and they tend to settle in the small chamber with the fuse box and my household appliances. They seem to live on air and dust and are no problem, just having their winter hibernation.

Yesterday I did a short trip to the local store, but really just for a few odd things and nothing special. I also got my last delivery from the store. I do not think I have a great chance of a delivery next week on the last few days before Christmas, and do not really need anything urgent or bulky. Many restaurants are now closing in our local town of Solothurn and all restaurants must close in the evening, although some now make home deliveries. It is a worrying time and Mr. Swiss and I both having our own health problems avoid contact as much as possible with others. We have a small social field, but you cannot live in complete isolation and I will be going to the store now and again next week, but only locally. It was never a crowded store and they have all I need.

Yes life has become completely different, not only here in my little corner of the world, but everywhere. Today I will be at home and live my household life with the birds in my garden. Keep safe everyone, all we can do is try to make the most of the situation.