RDP Friday: Procrastinate

This year I postponed everything to do with Christmas, no that is not true, I cancelled Christmas. Procrastination is a nice word, sounds good, and not a word that was ever in my vocabulary. Christmas has got too much for me. I gave the cancellation of any Christmas presents a few years ago. Most people were sure “you cannot do that”, but I did. I now get no presents and do not give presents. It got to the point when I realised that I no longer knew what to buy for the special person in my life because he had it already. Otherwise I noticed that just buying for the sake of buying was no longer a big deal. I make the exception for my grandchildren, they are so small and are embarking on their way through the customs in our daily life and that is fine with me. If I really need something I get it myself.

So in my procrastinated existence our Christmas decorations are a plate in the living room with various seasonal items. If I want a nut, I crack one and if I feel like a tangerine I peel it and eat them. There are supposed to be a few Christmas ornaments on the plate, but I have not yet been in the cellar to get them. I should perhaps get some yule twigs from a fir tree, but cannot be bothered to drag them home from the store. In other words I have given up with the extra work, but I am happy and Mr. Swiss is not even missing it so much.

I have made one exception, because it is easy to freeze meat and supplies and cook it for the celebrations. There will be good food to eat. Yes I have become the Christmas Grinch. I did not even bother to steal Christmas, I just enjoy it without all the trimmings.

And if you think I might enjoy a white Christmas, then the answer is no. The streets are almost impassable, everything is cold and frozen and I will have to live in isolation until the white stuff melts.

Scrooge said Christmas Bah, humbug. I would just like to postpone it, procrastinate it.

RDP Friday: Procrastinate

7 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Procrastinate

  1. Once again, across a mighty ocean, we are in the same place.

    It snowed from Tuesday night well into Thursday afternoon. We got about 13 inches, which is a lot, but we’ve had more. The snow plow was here twice and our snowblower, which Owen uses for the walkway and across the front lawn so the oil deliverers can get to the tank. Everything is cold and white and frozen. I have Christmas in its most minimal way. I have a very pretty little fake tree that I store in one of the extra bedrooms that are now functionally the attic because I can’t get into the attic. So every year — yesterday, in fact — someone, usually me but Owen this year — carries the trees which is fully decorated and stored in a great big trash bag. Lights and decorations and all. It sits on top of the (unused) woodstove and shines. We have light under the drapes in the living room which usually are up all year, but are only turned on at Christmas. Owen threw a network of lights over the tractor and yesterday, the snow was glowing because you can’t see the lights.

    That’s pretty much it except for one nice meal. We stopped giving gifts a few years ago and most of our peers have done the same. Except for grandchildren. We only have one grandchild and she got a very expensive set of snow tires for Christmas. She got a new camera last Christmas and this year, I’m broke.

    I don’t really miss the big, exhausting, expensive holiday. I am happy to NOT have to figure out what to give everyone then spend a year recovering from the expense and I’m happy to not have to cook for the masses. Nonetheless, happy holiday. Hopefully, we’ll get a warm spell and the snow will melt before we get new snow on top of the old snow!

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    • I read all about the snow storms sweeping through certain states (including yours) in America in CNN today and was thinking of you. Now you have got your unwanted snow and I hope you can cope with it OK. I remember you saying that your Christmas tree is always ready and waiting in the attic and glad that Owen got it down for you. I should really get around to organising a few candles, but do not even know if we have any. In the good old active days when Mr. Swiss would go into town he would add all those things that I would forget or not have time to get. I am also glad that my cooking days are now over to feed the five thousand, not quite but it felt like it. No more gift wrapping and no more hours of Christmas shopping. We also hope you have a enjoyable time all the same. It seems a large pond separates us but not our thoughts.


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