FOWC with Fandango: Adroit

Today I was on the radio. OK, not quite but sort of. I have discovered a classical music station known as

Classic fM

and people can write in with comments. I decided to take the plunge telling them that I found it a good station. Actually I really do like it and at the moment they are playing many Christmas Carols. As it is a British based station they are the old carols I used to sing at school, naturally sung by good choirs. So I discovered their link on Internet, joined up and sent a quick note to Alexander Armstrong who was commentating the programme this morning. I did not really expect success, but sure enough an hour later he read out my note on the radio station saying that it was from Patricia in Switzerland and welcomed me on board. Mr. Swiss found typical me: yet another success. And I really enjoy those Christmas carols, it has been so many years.

This is one of my favourites.

FOWC with Fandango: Adroit

RDP Friday: Procrastinate

This year I postponed everything to do with Christmas, no that is not true, I cancelled Christmas. Procrastination is a nice word, sounds good, and not a word that was ever in my vocabulary. Christmas has got too much for me. I gave the cancellation of any Christmas presents a few years ago. Most people were sure “you cannot do that”, but I did. I now get no presents and do not give presents. It got to the point when I realised that I no longer knew what to buy for the special person in my life because he had it already. Otherwise I noticed that just buying for the sake of buying was no longer a big deal. I make the exception for my grandchildren, they are so small and are embarking on their way through the customs in our daily life and that is fine with me. If I really need something I get it myself.

So in my procrastinated existence our Christmas decorations are a plate in the living room with various seasonal items. If I want a nut, I crack one and if I feel like a tangerine I peel it and eat them. There are supposed to be a few Christmas ornaments on the plate, but I have not yet been in the cellar to get them. I should perhaps get some yule twigs from a fir tree, but cannot be bothered to drag them home from the store. In other words I have given up with the extra work, but I am happy and Mr. Swiss is not even missing it so much.

I have made one exception, because it is easy to freeze meat and supplies and cook it for the celebrations. There will be good food to eat. Yes I have become the Christmas Grinch. I did not even bother to steal Christmas, I just enjoy it without all the trimmings.

And if you think I might enjoy a white Christmas, then the answer is no. The streets are almost impassable, everything is cold and frozen and I will have to live in isolation until the white stuff melts.

Scrooge said Christmas Bah, humbug. I would just like to postpone it, procrastinate it.

RDP Friday: Procrastinate

Good Morning

A very misty morning with only vision of the trees at the edge of my front garden. Every day I hope for the breakthrough of some sunny rays, but if it happens, then only some time in late afternoon and not very long. I am getting used to not expecting too much and I suppose can be glad when it does not rain or snow.

Yesterday I was at the local supermarket, just along the road for a few items and as I passed the Jura mountains opposite the road I noticed that the clouds were rising a little. I will probably be visiting this store more often now. The entrance to the store in town is now blocked by Christmas trees, which makes it difficult for me park my scooter as the space has now almost gone. The local store is not too bad, although they only have packed meat, but their vegetables are fresh daily.

There is a very friendly young man working at the cash desk. The store were giving free marbles for a a game at the till. I was not collecting them but this guy was collecting them for his younger brother so I was giving him mine. Yesterday he told me he was only engaged for a few months as a holiday job and would now be leaving as after Christmas he would have to do his Swiss army duty as a recruit. I told him my No. 2 son also worked for this store during his studies at the University for some extra money. Then he told me he would also begin his medical studies after completing his army duty. I was immediately taken back to the days of No. 2 son who worked for a few years until he had completed his studies as a law student. Time flies so quickly and now I am grandmother to his two children.

I was snapping away with my camera yesterday and noticed this lonely bird perched on my birdhouse and pecking a few seeds. When I developed the photo I realised it was my friend the robin. He was again alone, and always leaves when other birds arrive. Robins are really the loners of the bird world. I am glad he found the way to my garden as there will always be something for him to eat here.

Mr. Magpie was also hovering around again. When he arrives the other birds all disappear and leave him to the food. It seems that no-one messes with a magpie.

Otherwise nothing new happened yesterday. I spent the time on my computer writing a few blogs and preparing food for the family. It was a television evening and the final of the master chef programme where they appoint cook of the year on the British TV channel. The decision had dwindled to three cooks. This time they were all professionals cooking in their own restaurants. I love watching those cooking programmes, but their creations are really something completely different. I would love to sample some of the food they cook, but that is only reserved for the TV.

Today I am expecting another delivery from the store. The slots are now getting narrower as Christmas approaches but I could book a space between 12 and 1 o’clock which is OK with me. No. 1 son will be home so he can help to sort the delivery. I have ordered 2×6 bottles of Pepsi to cover us for the Christmas holidays. I still have 2 packs in the cellar but it is always good to have a reserve. I am now well covered for the Christmas/New Year weeks. My brain has been doing overtime to plan it all. It is just a matter of getting fresh veg and a couple of items of food for the evening buffet next week and that will be no big job. I do have enough veg in my freezer but always prefer rresh food. How I am hating this holiday and will be glad when life can return to normal again.

And now to get on with my daily boring life, although I suppose at my age I do not need any extra excitement. Keep safe and follow the Covid rules. I have discovered that golden oldie life with no big social events is perhaps not so bad in view of the pandemic. Our village seems to be spared from the illness with only single cases and that very rare. Have a good day, it’s Friday so the week-end will soon be here for those that work for their living. I remember my days as a member of the work force.