FOWC with Fandango: Impetuous

I do not even remember when I dropped this piece of crockery. I think it was a pot for a plant. Anyhow it has become the story of my life. I am always dropping things. It is a wonder that my mobile telephone still exists, although I think it already has the third protective cover on the front already. Dropping stuff is one problem, but picking it up again is not so easy. Thank goodness for Mr. Swiss and No, 1 son, one of their new tasks is picking up what Mrs. Angloswiss tends to drop.

FOWC with Fandango: Impetuous

Good Morning

Seems that the sun is making an attempt to rise this morning, although the clouds are still hanging around. Temperatures are warm for this time of the year, but it remains dull throughout the day, After a day of rain yesterday was dry and I made the most of it to go to town. Despite the fact that the Christmas tree salesman had placed his trees in front of the store, almost making it an obstacle course to park my scooter and enter the store, I fought my way through pine needles and pine branches to the butchers department. At last I managed to get my meat for the Christmas holidays and very good quality. There had been a fresh delivery and the lady at the counter was very helpful. Although we are only three people at the table, I still wanted to get something a little special for Christmas Eve when we have our big evening. Here in Switzerland it is the evening before Christmas Day when it all happens. Turkey is not such a custom, although it is also served in some homes, but mainly on Christmas Day. I was glad to get that obstacle out of the way. the lady that served me even gave me the direct telephone number to her department and said if I would ever have problems of getting to the store, I can call and she would bring me home whatever I needed. She does not live very far from my village and has a bike. I found that very nice of her, although I hope it will not be necessary, but I never know the tricks the weather could play on me.

I was a little later when finishing my shopping which also had its advantages as the Christmas lights were at their best in the trees.

There are also more people in town now, although things are different with almost everyone covering their face with a mask. Not all, as it is not law, but most of the people. I only wear mine when in town or in the store. Travelling on the open street on my scooter it is not really necessary as I see few people on the way. I made my online computer order yesterday evening and noticed that the slots are now filling up quicker, but I managed to get my Friday delivery booked for around lunchtime which is OK with me. I might place an order for next week, if it is possible, but otherwise weather permitting, I can still get into town. Wednesday will be my last chance to travel to town as Thursday our Christmas begins at home, although I can shop on Thursday until 5.00 in the evening, but I really do not want to.

As I was scootering off from home I passed this field on the edge of our estate and saw two crows . One even obliged with an action photo of a flight begin. I no longer have so many crows in my garden to collect their food, but I think it is because it is not so cold. However I can still hear them when they gather together.

By the way, thanks to a few suggestions here I have now managed to do something with my metal platter. I will be adding some Christmas chocolate and bits and pieces when I have organised it. Mr. Swiss was still talking about putting it in the cellar, but I no longer hear his words of wisdom and I take that as a mark of approval, although with or without, I am keeping my platter where it is. At least it no longer falls out of the cupboard.

And now to move on with my daily routine. The best part of my routine is listening to my various favourite radio stations with my ear buds. I usually change from soft modern music to modern jazz and have now discovered a wonderful station playing classical music, but not too high brow. They are all playing their Christmas selections now and the classical station brings a lot of the old Christmas carols that I knew from my school days. It can be a real singalong, although Mr. Swiss finds that my vocal accompaniment can be a little off key, especially as he only hears my voice and not what the music is playing, which is understanable.

And so to move on. Hope your day will be a good one although things do not always develop as we would like them to.