14 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Festive

  1. This is so pretty. I think you are right in saying ‘we need something like this.’ The big produce market we go to always has a huge assortment of Christmas trees every year. You can go as late as the day before Christmas and pick up the lone little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Not this year. They sold out of trees in 10 days. Yes, people really do need something like this.

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  2. It looks lovely. We’re supposed to get a LOT of snow tonight and it’s very cold. 20 Fahrenheit which is about -7 Celsius. i keep hoping it’ll miss us, but looking at the computer models, the American model has us getting hammered by the storm. The European model shows us getting MUCH more hammered by the same storm. Either way, it’s gonna be quite the weather day tomorrow! It will go well with our lights, not that we will be able to see them through the (sigh) drifts of snow.

    We stopped having a “real” tree when we had cats too. I remember when one of them tried to climb the tree — from the middle — as i watched all those glass decorations crash to the floor. Cleaning up was SO much fun!

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    • Luckily there is no snow at the moment and temperatures are around 6.degrees C which is quite warm for this time of the year. Your storm does not sound so good. This year we have not bothered so much with decorations. I managed to get my Christmas meat yesterday so that is one worry less. I am just hoping that I manage to get through the rest of the shopping next week.


      • I’m just hoping it isn’t TOO bad. it is snowing like mad out there now. it went completely white hours ago and it’s not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon. Depending on how fast the storm moves, we could have an awful lot of snow. Funny how we didn’t get ANY snow last winter … and this is the second snow this winter. I hope it isn’t a really bad winter. it gets so difficult to get around when everything is totally iced in.

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        • I also remember last winter with almost no snow here. For me snow is really a problem. If it gets very cold it hangs around. Up to now our snow has melted away on the same day.


  3. Cats and Christmas trees. Mine have managed to coexist but I always put the tree on a low table so the cats can’t reach as easily but the dangly ornaments are inviting and a few nearly always get batted to the ground. Naomi told me about one year at her house when she had decorated the tree carefully., left the room and heard a crash. The cat had brought it down. She did not hang the ornaments nearly so carefully when she put them back up.

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