FOWC with Fandango: Nerve

This photo shows a corner of my scooter on the lefthand side and many so-called Christmas trees on the other side. I always park my scooter here in front of the supermarket, there is no other space available. It is usually also reserved for bicycles but the bikes found a space otherwise. Wheelchairs and scooters did not come into the question as far as Christmas trees are concerned. I parked, but had no idea how to leave this space when I had finished shopping.

I can cope with being handicapped to a certain extent, I do not expect the world to revolve around my needs, but today I was annoyed. First of all I had to travel a distance along the main road where there is traffic, although luckily on this part of the road there is rarely traffic: this was due to the fact that two vans were parked on the sidewalk delivering fixtures for a new store and for me there was no room. So, I had a problem. I then saw the young man in charge of the trees and asked him, no told him that I had a big problem. He was quite surprised naturally, as he did not reckon with a rebel in a scooter amongst his Christmas trees. He said he had an escape route and would help when I left the store.

My next appointment was at the entrance desk in the store to tell them of my problem. I do not expect that 50 Christmas trees will be moved because of me, but I have now registered the problem. When I left the store the Christmas tree man immediately showed me the escape route, a narrow path between the trees. I did it and even wished him a happy Christmas. There are times when I do tend to lose my nerve.

FOWC with Fandango: Nerve

19 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Nerve

  1. I think that, absolutely, they should move their trees if they blocked you in, even if every single one It’s a difficult one because presumably they own this land so they would argue that they can use it as they like (even at your inconvenience). On private property, these things mean nothing.

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    • Basically the tree man has nothing to do with the store. They give him permission and he probably pays a rent somewhere to use the space, He is only there until 24th December. People just do not realise that people like me, and I am not alone, can have problems with such events.

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      • No I find that, not so much now but certainly a few years ago, walking was far more of an effort. Cars parking on the pavement is my pet hate.

        Did you ever see that brilliant Alf Garnett where he’s pushing Dandy Nichols, cars are blocking the pavement so he walks down the middle of the road? And soon there’s this queue of traffic behind him, beeping like mad. And he starts weaving, to prevent the cars getting past… ? Maybe you had to be there.

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          • If I saw the driver, I used to say something like “I’ll try not to scratch your car, but I’m not too steady on my feet”. But I wasn’t too fussed, really. Serves them right. It inconveniences me less now, but I still rail against it because it is wrong. There are a whole raft of issues that able-bodied people simply don’t realise exist.

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          • Thanks for those encouraging words. I am learning, but I was once without my mobility problems and i realise that I also did not understand the problems of others being handicapped.


          • I always wondered how much Watrren Mitchell was Alf Garnett tbh, but certainly, he had both my grandads (b 1910ish) off to a tee.
            I remember my mum having a big row with her dad, when I was a youngster, because he would habitually talk about “darkies” and my mum would not allow that in my present – that itself was quite progressive for what would have been early 70s.

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  2. Hmm-mm. I wonder if some of those trees might be moved by tomorrow. No ask–tell him! I’m so glad you did. People need to take more into consideration than just getting their product out. Does Mr Swiss know what a rebel you are? 😂

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  3. I really hope you have safety-glo stickers on the back of your rider. Seems dangerous to travel along a high traffic road with one even under the best circumstances. Glad Tree Man helped you out.

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