FOWC with Fandango: Nerve

This photo shows a corner of my scooter on the lefthand side and many so-called Christmas trees on the other side. I always park my scooter here in front of the supermarket, there is no other space available. It is usually also reserved for bicycles but the bikes found a space otherwise. Wheelchairs and scooters did not come into the question as far as Christmas trees are concerned. I parked, but had no idea how to leave this space when I had finished shopping.

I can cope with being handicapped to a certain extent, I do not expect the world to revolve around my needs, but today I was annoyed. First of all I had to travel a distance along the main road where there is traffic, although luckily on this part of the road there is rarely traffic: this was due to the fact that two vans were parked on the sidewalk delivering fixtures for a new store and for me there was no room. So, I had a problem. I then saw the young man in charge of the trees and asked him, no told him that I had a big problem. He was quite surprised naturally, as he did not reckon with a rebel in a scooter amongst his Christmas trees. He said he had an escape route and would help when I left the store.

My next appointment was at the entrance desk in the store to tell them of my problem. I do not expect that 50 Christmas trees will be moved because of me, but I have now registered the problem. When I left the store the Christmas tree man immediately showed me the escape route, a narrow path between the trees. I did it and even wished him a happy Christmas. There are times when I do tend to lose my nerve.

FOWC with Fandango: Nerve

Good Morning

After a rainy day yesterday it was to be expected that we would have a misty morning to greet us. At least the rain stopped and according to my various electronic devices we will be having pleasant weather at least until the week-end. I just hope it stays that way next week for the last minutes shopping until Christmas. We can still get online deliveries from the store, but there will be a reduced service in delivery slots next week. Today I am off to the store to see what I can get for Christmas groceries. These holidays may be something to celebrate, but I will only celebrate on Christmas Eve when I hope to have the festive marathon behind me. It might be a time of good cheer to men, but it is also a time of stress for the housewife. I am not sure that that was the intention 2000 years ago.

The usual Christmas illuminations are now showing on the main road through our village. I took the photo as I was wheeling home from town in the late afternoon. In the late evening you see the effect better of the lights. I suppose it was about 20 years ago when they were installed and everyone was happy. Now we get the same lights every year, so I suppose it does get a little monotonous with time.

One of the local senior homes is also decorated with various lights. At the moment there are closed doors due to the pandemic and no visitors allowed, which is very sad for the residents. I pass the home when I go into town. I just hope they stay safe during the Christmas holidays.

I decided to stay at home yesterday. It was raining all day and not inviting for an excursion into town. I at last the last remaining shelf in my kitchen cupboard and discovered a problem.

It was in the shape of this mega large metal plate. Everytime I hopen the door to this part of the cupboard the plate would fall out with an accompanying metal clang on the stone floor. I would force it back in again, but had to make sure I could shut the door afterwards. Now I have removed it from the cupboard and am searching for a home for it. I would actually like to dispose of it in the next metal collection. However, that will be next year end of February, and Mr. Swiss finds it might come in useful. I believe it was a donation from Swiss mother-in-law, who was convinced I would welcome it with open arms. I the meanwhile it is now sitting on my dining room table and I am searching for a purpose for its existence. I think the original idea was for some sort of cold cuts meat display, although we would never eat so much cold cuts to cover this mega dish. Perhaps someone somewhere might have a suggestion.

Otherwise things continue as normal in this part of the woods in Switzerland. the sparrows are again happy with the daily food supplies. I noticed that seem to be getting bigger daily. Perhaps I am feeding them too much.

And now to continue my exciting day. First of all I have to go down to the garage and disconnect my scooter as the battery was uploading through the night. At the same time I will remove my frozen hamburgers from the freezer in the cellar for lunch, which I will be serving with a Swiss Röschti and veg. I will be back this afternoon, all being well. Look after yourselves and avoid the dreaded hairy peas in the air.