Good Morning

This morning is another dull dreary one with a cloud hanging over everything and it is raining. As a substitute I am showing yesterday’s sunset as I was returning from an outing in town. It was really breathtaking with the sun saying goodbye for a day – or perhaps two. It was altogehther a wonderful afternoon in town, and a surprise, as I entered the town I saw market stalls.

I should have realised that as it was the second Monday in the month it would have been the time for something completely different with our market. I usually take the circuilar road around town, but it does go a little quicker going through town, and now there were things happening. Sometimes it can get a little complicated avoiding the people as they often stop and talk to their colleagues, at a distance, or their kids tend to wander, but mainly people take care when then see me coming.

The usual stalls were showing their items, but this time with a little Christmassy accent. I had never seen so many candle variations

and many illuminated objects.

It was good to be out again. The weather was nice a bright and no rain, so I really made the most of it. This was the first time I had left my abode since 3 days. I could have stayed at home as I had already had a delivery from my store in the morning, but I was becoming a hermit and that is not so good.

I was glad to be out again and the town was filled with more people than usual, almost everyone being masked. We do not yet have lock down, but there is talk of it coming. As long as the stores remain open it is OK with me. We never really bothered so much with restaurants and definitely not bars which are not closed. As far as I am concerned Christmas can have a lock down, but we are probably a little different. Our Christmas parties finished some years ago and I am not sad when I think of the stress I had cooking for everyone. I find Christmas a big fairy story, but why not. I quite enjoy the music on the radio and the TV Christmas programmes. I do not have a Christmas tree, do not want one, and decorations are a minimum.

My cleaning lady has just finished and will be paying her last cleaning visit next week for this year. She is such a good help for me and does the job well. And now to move on to dinner. I will be at home today, but have enough to keep me busy.

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … the photos of the sparking candles and of the glittering jars in the stalls are so fascinating. It would have been wonderful to go down that street and look at all the beautiful items which people are making for others to give as gifts. You are so fortunate to live in such a fascinating place. Have a great day … SLP …

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  2. They just announced here on the news that… I think it was Greenwich Council?,,, wanted to send all the children home from school because COVID has become so bad. But the government stepped in and blocked them. Apparently, they were not the first council to request this, either. It is the government’s policy to keep the schools open, and they will seemingly do so, whatever the cost.

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    • It was Greenwich, I follow the London news and we have most of the BBC channels on the TV, even ITV. My friend was supposed to be having a cataract op thiis week but it has been called off due to the rising Covid cases. She is not sorry, as it would have meant 2 weeks isolation and quarantine over Christmas. However, she is in the borough of Havering and they have the highest amount of cases in London at the moment. Our local cases are also increasing, although our village still remains at one or two cases over a month. Our schools are open, but they have to wear a mask

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      • I can’t help thinking that if I were the parent of a child there, I’d be knowing exactly what I’d be doing! To that end, the council will achieve the desired effect just by making this story known.


  3. Photos are very nice. I’m from India. So I don’t have the opportunity to visit this place and wander around the market. But I am very happy to see the pictures you have posted. Thank you

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  4. Good Day!
    Most of California is enforcing more restrictions because of the number of new infections. Only four of the fifty eight counties have milder restrictions. Although I am still able to work (either because I work online, or because I work alone while outside), I can not maintain my very neglected planter box in town. I know it must look horrid by now. I am quite embarrassed by it.

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  5. Good afternoon, the weather is a mixture of snow, wind, sun, and overcast. The last snowful melted the same day. your sunset picture is gorgeous. Your market day stalls are intriguing. Yesterday on my trip to the stores’ everyone seems to follow wearing a mask. It is official Bidden is now President direct. The overall feeling is one of relief. People are getting the vaccine. Have a pleasant evening and stay safe.

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    • We have had a rainy day, but it was OK. Most people wear masks here outdoors, it is a matter of common sense. Let us hope that it will now be a straight forward matter now in the States. Our vaccine has not yet arrived.

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