RDP Tuesday: Mask

Everyone wearing a mask
So I though I would get one as well
But people began to ignore me
They were sure I was the monster from hell
I could not see the problem
It was all to scare off the virus
I did not want to be star of the show
And was not trying to be desirous
The problem began with Vlad
My newest boyfriend of desire
His teeth were the same as my mask
I should have known he was a vampire
And now we are together
We spend our days in bed
Our journeys are made at night
Meeting friends that are undead

RDP Tuesday: Mask

Good Morning

This morning is another dull dreary one with a cloud hanging over everything and it is raining. As a substitute I am showing yesterday’s sunset as I was returning from an outing in town. It was really breathtaking with the sun saying goodbye for a day – or perhaps two. It was altogehther a wonderful afternoon in town, and a surprise, as I entered the town I saw market stalls.

I should have realised that as it was the second Monday in the month it would have been the time for something completely different with our market. I usually take the circuilar road around town, but it does go a little quicker going through town, and now there were things happening. Sometimes it can get a little complicated avoiding the people as they often stop and talk to their colleagues, at a distance, or their kids tend to wander, but mainly people take care when then see me coming.

The usual stalls were showing their items, but this time with a little Christmassy accent. I had never seen so many candle variations

and many illuminated objects.

It was good to be out again. The weather was nice a bright and no rain, so I really made the most of it. This was the first time I had left my abode since 3 days. I could have stayed at home as I had already had a delivery from my store in the morning, but I was becoming a hermit and that is not so good.

I was glad to be out again and the town was filled with more people than usual, almost everyone being masked. We do not yet have lock down, but there is talk of it coming. As long as the stores remain open it is OK with me. We never really bothered so much with restaurants and definitely not bars which are not closed. As far as I am concerned Christmas can have a lock down, but we are probably a little different. Our Christmas parties finished some years ago and I am not sad when I think of the stress I had cooking for everyone. I find Christmas a big fairy story, but why not. I quite enjoy the music on the radio and the TV Christmas programmes. I do not have a Christmas tree, do not want one, and decorations are a minimum.

My cleaning lady has just finished and will be paying her last cleaning visit next week for this year. She is such a good help for me and does the job well. And now to move on to dinner. I will be at home today, but have enough to keep me busy.