RDP Monday: Peg

I find nothing romantic or poetic in a peg. I use them for hanging washing. I must day they do have a variety of colours, except for those that are made of wood. I would mention that they can be quite bothersome if you happen to drop one whilst fixing the washing on the line as it means bending and searching until you find it. I have noticed one thing over the years. My mum used them in her time and that was about 70 years ago, but their shape and size has never changed since.

It seems the clothes peg was invented by David M. Smith in 1853. Luckily in the meanwhle the plastic clothes peg was made preventing our forests being destroyed for the sake of a clothes peg.

RDP Monday: Peg

10 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Peg

  1. Ah, but the other side of the coin is we are now floating in an ocean of plastic waste; and, I wonder how much the poor humble plastic peg has contributed to that. Food for thought I guess.

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  2. That may be so but I prefer the wooden ones; they last for absolutely forever and making them from plastic is not environmentally friendly either. In England I bought plastiquie ones in the form of birds and the pegging bits were their feet. They are absolutely beautiful and totally and utterly useless…. My wooden ones are still my favourites.


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