Good Morning

I am just sitting here waiting for the sun to rise, which it might do, and watching the birds. I am leading quite a secluded life at the moment. I have noticed that Winter is very much different to the rest of the year. With my various walking problems and reliance on a scooter, wheelchair now and again and my walker, I am no longer as mobile as it was especially when the weather doesn’t play with me. I can always take the local train. For a normal mobile person they would reach the station in 4-5 minutes, but I need at least 10 minutes if not more and in bad weather it is not so pleasant as I do not have a hand free for an umbrella.

Due to all of this, I am not so much out and about with my camera at the moment, but this morning I had some good news. Today is rain free with temperatures actually reaching 6-7° C this afternoon, almost short sleeve weather, although I am exaggerating. With the exception of tomorrow, when it will be a rainy day, the complete week will behave, so I am hoping to be out and about a little more.

At least I managed a photo of my front garden and there are still some leaves hanging on.

I did manage to bake some small cakes with cranberries yesterday which should keep us going for the week. I am again expecting an online delivery from the supermarket this morning. I am now stepping up my planning for food delivery in the winter to make sure I have enough at home if I cannot get out.

And not to move on in my apartment. In the meanwhile the mist is rising and so I can forget sun for the next few hours. Have a good day and beginning to the week.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … the photos of the muffins look so delightful … it looks like it will be a good week in the “eating from the treat department” as your house. We are theoretically going to get snow here today … and Wednesday .. so we will have to see. Have a great day. SLP …

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    • I am now stocking up a little for Christmas. We will be alone, but all the stores are closed and I have to make sure we have food at home. No more snow at the moment quite nice weather and a little warmer.


  2. Good afternoon, it starting yesterday at about 2:00 PM and I awoke this morning to a blanket of white snow. Your cupcakes look like a nice treat. The sun has come out but it is cold out. Something is happening WordPress crashed and I had trouble getting out of it. My caregiver wanted to talk about Christmas. Kathy brought our large online over the weekend and with it a bag of caramels that taste best I have had. Enjoy the evening and hopefully, the sun will come out during the rest of the day.

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    • No more snow here and a good day. I was glad to be out again with no problem. It was market day in our town. Tomorrow is rain, but the srest of the week should be OK. I had another online delivery from the store today.

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