FOWC with Fandango: Gibberish

We have television in Switzerland in French, German and Italian according to where you live. I live in the Swiss German speaking part of the country, although our German is often our dialect. Today we are speaking gibberish, although I do understand this gibberish, I even speak it daily.

One of our weather speakers comes from our town, and have seen her a few times shoppimg in the local store. I managed to find one of our weather reports being spoken by this lady in YouTube from June 2016, so here it is: a sample of my daily language.

FOWC with Fandango: Gibberish

RDP Monday: Peg

I find nothing romantic or poetic in a peg. I use them for hanging washing. I must day they do have a variety of colours, except for those that are made of wood. I would mention that they can be quite bothersome if you happen to drop one whilst fixing the washing on the line as it means bending and searching until you find it. I have noticed one thing over the years. My mum used them in her time and that was about 70 years ago, but their shape and size has never changed since.

It seems the clothes peg was invented by David M. Smith in 1853. Luckily in the meanwhle the plastic clothes peg was made preventing our forests being destroyed for the sake of a clothes peg.

RDP Monday: Peg

Good Morning

I am just sitting here waiting for the sun to rise, which it might do, and watching the birds. I am leading quite a secluded life at the moment. I have noticed that Winter is very much different to the rest of the year. With my various walking problems and reliance on a scooter, wheelchair now and again and my walker, I am no longer as mobile as it was especially when the weather doesn’t play with me. I can always take the local train. For a normal mobile person they would reach the station in 4-5 minutes, but I need at least 10 minutes if not more and in bad weather it is not so pleasant as I do not have a hand free for an umbrella.

Due to all of this, I am not so much out and about with my camera at the moment, but this morning I had some good news. Today is rain free with temperatures actually reaching 6-7° C this afternoon, almost short sleeve weather, although I am exaggerating. With the exception of tomorrow, when it will be a rainy day, the complete week will behave, so I am hoping to be out and about a little more.

At least I managed a photo of my front garden and there are still some leaves hanging on.

I did manage to bake some small cakes with cranberries yesterday which should keep us going for the week. I am again expecting an online delivery from the supermarket this morning. I am now stepping up my planning for food delivery in the winter to make sure I have enough at home if I cannot get out.

And not to move on in my apartment. In the meanwhile the mist is rising and so I can forget sun for the next few hours. Have a good day and beginning to the week.