RDP Sunday: Stage

To cut a story short, the man on the drums is Mr. Swiss about 20 years ago. He was not exactly on a stage, but playing in a group in a local restaurant. There was no room for a stage. I attended many such occasions and was used to seeing Mr. Swiss as the drummer. I suppose he was always on the stage for me more than 50 years. It is probably one of the reasons how I came to understand jazz. The drumming days now belong to the past, but the love of the music remains.

RDP Sunday: Stage

12 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Stage

  1. Always makes me think of an acquaintance who followed her drummer husband (a full time professional) to nearly all his gigs. I wondered if she continued after they had kids but we lost contact …. Music ๐ŸŽถ has a great importance in my life and I also like jazz.

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    • Music has always been import. ant to me. I went to most of my husband’s gigs, but he was not a professional. I got myself Apple ear buds some time ago and that is perfect. I can listen to my own choice of music wherever I go at home when cleaning etc. I like to listen to the varijious british global stations I have on my iPhone. Some jazz, some soft music, and also classic.


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