Good Morning

The sun has risen and it is still here, which is a wonder. After being famous for its absence a week and being replaced by snow in between, it has decided to put in appearance again. I decided to have a Sunday lay-in this morning, meaning I stopped hugging my nice warm comfortable bed an hour later, although I have no appointments today being Sunday and was not really planning to go anywhere. However, if the day really develops on the sunny side, who knows. Yesterday was touch and go, but I decided not to go and spent some time at last cleaning my oven. I had been meaning to do it for some time, but I did not – lazy me.

Eventually I prepared my frugal breakfast with a self baked (not made) platt bread covered with butter and jam on the slices. I had everything ready and my frozen meat had also nicely thawed overnight in the fridge for today’s lunch – a veal stew with all the various vegetable ingredients. I am also planning to do some baking this afternoon. I found that my baking products on Sunday are cut and come again results and usually last almost a week to keep everyone happy.

Otherwise I had my usual visits from the sparrows in the morning. They usually wait in the trees until the coast is clear and then swoop for the various delights of the day.

There seems to be action everywhere today and I just got another visitor waiting at the window for some feline treats, although he does not really look very hungry, but he is waiting patiently. My evening yesterday was watching one one of the films about the Untouchables, the police group organised to battle against Al Capone and his crimes. In reality I suppose they were successful, but I had a look in Internet at some of the facts. Elliiot Ness was their leader and he is pictured as the main hero in the films. It seems when it was all over he was a forgotten figure and lived in semi poverty. Had three wives and no children, except for an adopted son and died at the age of 54 with a heart attack. His ashes were distributed in a memorial garden and there was no remembrance of his existence until some time later when a memorial was built and Hollywood discovered he was worth a few films: rather tragic in a way. I got my interest in the prohibition days from my dad who was always fascinated by the days of Capone. He even went to see his armoured car when it was exhibited in England.

And now I must really be going, there is a dinner to cook, some housework to do and a visit to the shower etc. etc. Have a good Sunday everyone.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, the snow has yet arrived, no sun as it overcast with a haze. Our stores have bread product can bake yourself but nothing your bread. Kathy brought an over grocery order that include the best caramels I have ever taste. It was a nice fast visit one that I appreciated. Have a good evening enjoy your TV selection and stay safe.

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    • Today began with sun but this afternoon it was the usual dreary clouds. Today I placed another online order for a few items.I am now stocking up on food for over the Christmas holidays as the shops will be closed for a few days. I decided to bake some small cakes this afternoon to keep myself busy. I was thinking about going somewhere, but preferred to stay at home.

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  2. Roschti is so cute how he just sits and waits for you. You have reminded me that I need to clean my oven, also. I cannot remember the last time I did, so that means it must have been quite a while ago….

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    • Roschti overdid it a little today and was at least four times at the window waiting for treats. He also had a disagreement with the other cat. I must say my oven is really good now. I should do it more often

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  3. Good Day!
    You know, I never saw that movie. I remember that Robert diNiro was in it. He was supposed to be Al Capone in Scarface, but Al Pacino did it instead. I should remember these names better.

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