Good Morning

Am not sure how this day will progress. We have a little sun early in the morning, but I have the feeling the clouds will soon cover it. It is cold outside, 1°C, but wrapped in my old long winter padded coat, I survived and dealt with distributing the bird food for the day.

When I was finished and sitting comfortable at my computer with my breakfast the first visitor of the day appeared and it was not a bird, but one of the local felines.

She stopped and looked up at the birds sitting in the trees. The next move, which unfortunately I did not catch on my camera, was a leap in the air as one of the birds took flight. I suppose cats will be cats.

The magpie also arrived for the morning peanut, so the world was again OK.

Yesterday afternoon it was not so OK.

It all started with a little snow mixed with rain, sleet, and then the rain decided to leave the snow to do its own thing. Within half an hour we had a winter landscape and I was glad I had no plans to go anywhere. This morning the snow had almost disappeared, with just a few patches here and there. It would be wonderful if it would stay that way, but I have a strange feeling that it will be another wet afternoon. I do not have to go anywhere but would not mind a short excursion. The covid situation is not improving in our country and everything is so uncertain. At the moment it seems to be affecting the younger generation more. We golden oldies have probably got used to living in isolation and are not such a social group of civilisation.

I have been following the Brexit endeavours of the Brits from a distance, being a now half Brit myself. It really seems to me that Bojo, the British Prime Minister, really does not know where he is going. I left England when they were just getting used to being in the EU. When trips across the channel for wine had become part of the EU routine for the Brits and everyone was happy. However it seems when the EU got serious and the Brits had to follow the rules, that they were no longer so enthusiastic. In the meanwhile wine had become part of the daily drinking habit instead of a beer and it was no longer a novelty. Over the years it seems that some were no longer so happy with the connection with Europe to the extent that there was a vote to leave the EU and the majority said yes. I was no longer living in England, and from my position living in a country, Switzerland, that seemed to be fairing OK with their EU agreements, I was not so bothered. However, today I think differently and find that Brexit is a bit of a stupid idea. I can understand some of the reasons to leave, as the Brits never felt very happy belonging to a European club, after all they were an island and not part of European daily life. However, many in the younger generation enjoyed their freedom of movement on the European mainland. And now Britain has decided, base on the rare british occasion of a referendum (we Swiss live from them), to leave, but still expect all sorts of deals to enable an easy life with Europe. Boris Johnson seems to be very surprised and cannot understand the Europeans that they are not helping with future British European life and concessions. The Brits said we want to go and now they have to face the circumstances. I was always very careful about expressing my political feelings, but sorry Boris, I find you are making a big mistake by leaving the EU without any agreement.

And now I am leaving my nice comfortable place in the kitchen at the computer to continue with my daily chores, although Mr. Swiss is emptying our waste paper bins in the apartment and letting in icy temperatures from outside when he deposits the garbage in the garden cupboard. Have a good Saturday, enjoy the week-end, and stay safe from the dreaded Mr. Covid.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Do any politicians ever know where they are going? My view is they struggle to sense where the parade is going … then struggle to stay at the head of the parade … because that is what they do. Just sayin’ … have a great day. The photo of the snowfall is wonderful .. so pensive … SLP …

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    • In this rare case the politicians are doing what the people told them to do in a referendum that they did not actually understand, the driving force being get out of the EU, they don’t like us and we definitely don’t like them. Boris Johnson has no idea what it is really all about and the catastrophe is planned. Snow looks good, but not good to be in.


  2. Good afternoon, the sun is shining but I get weather alerts that it was a major snowstorm is expected, now Sunday PM. The nights and days are cold so any moisture would be snow. It was good to see a feline doing what their instincts tell them.
    Monday is a major day when the electoral college meet to name the President. Trump’s last challenge tossed out of the supreme court. His legacy has divided the country dearly and I am worried about what will happen now. I don’t which country where politics is a mess USA or England. Have a pleasant evening.


    • No more sun today, but it did stop raining this afternoon. I stayed at home and cleaned the fridge.
      I do ot know what the weather has in store for us, so I will let myself be surprised.
      Trump has managed to split the states completely. He still has his supporters, but they do not strike me as being the most intelligent. England is a mess because no-one really agrees with anything.

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  3. Good Afternoon (or Good Morning at half past midnight there). We get no snow, but did happen to get rain overnight after I told you I would not be up late for your post. It was RAD! More is expected tomorrow morning, and between Tuesday and Wednesday. This about time for the rainy season to begin, and the fire season to end.

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      • This is a chaparral climate. Except for a brief rain storm earlier, and a few raindrops that came with the lightning that started the fires, there has been no rain since spring. All of our rain happens in less than half of the year, and most of that happens within less than half of that. The beginning of the rainy season is something we notice and perhaps even celebrate here. It is when we can finally start planting things.

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