FOWC with Fandango: Lionize

How to lionize a cat. Our cat Nera, that is now living her tenth life in the eternal corn chambers dealing with mice, was lionized. She had extremely long thick fur and became a housing estate for tics, and various plant seeds, as well as leaves and stalks. She never had fleas, which was a wonder. Now and again a tic would leave its housing establishment in her fur and one of us humans might tread on it leaving a large smear of cat blood on the floor.

That was then the time that a decision was made for an annual visit to the vet for a haircut. Nera was not a very co-operative cat and for safety reasons the new hairstyle was done under anaesthetic.

You can see the result in the photo The assistants at the vets office would let their imagination run wild with various hairy creations, but the favourite design was always the lion look. I think Nera quite liked it, finding her true image.

FOWC with Fandango: Lionize

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Lionize

  1. Nera sounds like she was the queen of your household for awhile. I think long-haired cats love getting sheared (or the after-shear anyway.) They’ve done this to cats at the shelter I volunteer at. They look so cool and comfy wearing this ‘do.

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    • She was the chief of the pack and was Tabby’x litter sister, although the question of whether they had the same father was open to discussion. Tabby and Nera got on well together, but it was clear that Nera was No. 1 cat of the two. Near was not keen of anyone touching her fur, that was why she had her hair cut under anaesthetic.

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  2. ha ha ha…. but that’s exactly where we would have thought: Those owners, what on earth were they thinking! 😉 btw, she did look a bit like a lioness!

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      • That bushy tail is sacred, if my cat is any indication. When he gets a blood pressure check, I have to remind the veterinarian technicians to use a paw, not the tail, because Andy freaks out when they try to trim a spot on the base of his tail. Of course, his blood pressure soars when they mess with his tail! I always instruct his groomer to leave the tail untrimmed.

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        • With Nera everything was sacred. When I arrived with her st the vets they would bring a bag and put her in it automatically just leaving room to pull out a leg to take a sample.


          • Wow! No wonder Nera had to be sedated for grooming.

            My late cat, Dougy, would hop off the examination table and check out the whole examination room till he was satisfied all was well, then he’d hop back onto the examination table and calmly wait for the veterinarian to do any procedure necessary.

            Anyone who thinks cats don’t have a wide range of personalities hasn’t met our kitties!

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