Good Morning

Is it possible that the sun will rise today or is this just a fata morgana. Up to now it has remained a few bright spots of the horizon. According to the weather prophecy it will be a rainy day, as well as tomorrow. I do not have to go anywhere for anything. The cupboard and fridge are full and I can just sit at home and watch the rain from the window, although up to now it looks like a very friendly day. I will be getting my grocery delivery this morning, so what could possible go wrong.

Yesterday I was off to the local store along the road. I like to get fresh bread daily and otherwise had not very much on my list, so I was back home again after an hour.

Yesterday evening I made an exception of staying up until midnight. There was a programme on TV on the occasion of Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday. He is one of the BBC icons with his interesting animal programmes. The programme was filmed four years ago, as he is now 94 years old.I remember him from my childhood on the British TV when he was a young man. His animal films were so interesting from all over the world. One of the films in yesterday’s programme showed him on a close encounter with the gorillas in Africa. There was also an interesting film showing him with a blind baby rhinoceros. If left in the wild it would definitely not have lived very long, but it was adopted and is still alive today. He is now known for his programme “A Life on our Planet” showing the various wonders of our planet.

I was again busy yesterday taking photos of birdlife in my garden, although as soon as they notice movement they fly away. I managed to get this blue tit on my birdhouse. They seem to prefer to take their meals at a height rather than on the ground.

And look who returned for some food. I though it was one of the sparrows, but when I uploaded the photo realised that it was Mr. Robin who decided to feed whilst the other birds were finished.

On the way home yesterday I notice there quite a bit of snow up in the heights of the mountain. As long as it stays there I am happy. Time is flying and only two weeks until Christmas. It is my first Christmas holiday being somewhat handicapped and everything has to be planned. Will I have enough for the evening meals and will I be able to buy my meat. It will be a busy week next week and I am hoping that the snow will not cross the bill.

And look who has arrived.

At last the sun is here. I am hoping he will hang around for a while. Up to now no rain, but it seems it will definitely arrive this afternoon. I will be busy with a bit of tidying today and ironing the duvet and cushion covers. Have a good one today, the week-end is not far.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. so happy to hear the sun has finally come up. We seem to be having a clear cloudless sunny sky here also … it is just now getting light. Fingers crossed. Have a great day … SLP …

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  2. Good afternoon, every time I see your robin, I think how different it is from what we called robin. Pumpkin has more strength after the visit to the Vet. Our sun has disappeared for clouds. Snow is forecast for the weekend. Today is a shower day and a possible trip to Trader Joe for some gluten-free food. Have a wonderful evening.

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    • I think the American robin is a bit different to ours. We only see them in Winter. Our sun disappeare some time ago and has now been replaced by snow. Today I am not going anywhere.

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  3. That’s a pretty sunrise! We had all grey skies yesterday, but we went out and took some pictures anyway. I got some pretty sunset through the trees pictures, but no sunrise.

    We were the ONLY people in the park, which was fine with me. it has been cold and today it has been heavy rain since last night. And I think the flying squirrels are back. One of our feeders was completely emptied overnight. The birds and squirrels don’t eat at night . So, it’s either raccoons and flying squirrels. The raccoons don’t merely eat. Last time, they took the entire feeder with them into the woods. We found it months later.

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  4. We don’t often get sunrises at the moment. We seem to be having permanent low cloud cover which is quite dismal.
    We have yet more new rules and more than five people in enclosed spaces are mot allowed. I don’t know how that will affect shopping. Bars are now closed and restaurants have reduced hours. It all doesn’t seem to help. We are really becoming restricted in our movements. Life as we knew it is no longer. I only go anywhere for food shopping.


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