FOWC with Fandango: Franchise

I have a licence to buy and a licence to cook
A licence to wash by hook and by crook
I am the manager of the vacuum cleaner, and also the mop
I have it all organised, I never want to stop
No objections are accepted, it is all in my power
to clean in the kitchen and also the shower
Is this called frachising, I call it hard work
But do not give me orders, and do not begin to smirk
It is all in my power, I give the orders
Keep to the rules and obey all my borders

FOWC with Fandango: Franchise

RDP Thursday: Shy

He wasn’t really shy, just plain scared
His master was shopping and he was not prepared
He barked and cried, was waiting one his own
I wanted to help, but didn’t have a bone
And then all was quiet, just a little whine
Not because of the photo, although that was really fine
His master arrived and then he stopped the cry
He was petted and fussed over, no reason to be shy

RDP Thursday: Shy

Good Morning

Yesterday was such a dreary day again, so where is the sun. At least no rain or snow was predicted, but you cannot always rely on the weather forecast. As I drove off on my scooter to the store in town yesterday there were drips of rain and when I arrived in town 20 minutes later it was even mixed with a little snow. I was glad to arrive at the store eventually. The snow was coming and going, but as it was sleet, mixed with rain, it did not lay on the ground. This time I drove through town to get to the store. I usually take the circular path around the middle of town, but it does cut off about five minutes taking the direct route. I really had to do town shopping yesterday as I needed to organise some meat supplies for the week-end and to freeze a few items for over the holidays. Being restricted in movement I have to plan ahead as you never know when the snow will hit us and then you are really stranded at home.

When I left the store it was still wet, but not too bad and I was glad to get home eventually, although the rain got stronger as I approached my village. I noticed there were not so many people in town.

Now I have dealt with my shopping chores until next week on Monday or Tuesday. the meat is in the freezer and Friday morning I will be getting a delivery from the store with the remainder. Mr. Swiss again needs medicine from the pharmacy, but he has called them to reserve it all and my No. 1 son will pick it up for him this afternoon. I am glad that he also now does that and it no longer relies on me. I really did not want to go into town today. I will probably make a short trip to the local supermarket along the road: not really necessary but as there is no stress I can just have a look to see if there is anything I might need. At least there is no rain or snow predicted for today.

This morning I was again busy stripping the beds and preparing for fresh linen which got me out of bed a little earlier. It really looks like a woman’s work is never done. Now to continue with bed making and all the other household chores.

Keep safe, and be careful, alhough easier said then done. You cannot help thinking when will this corona curse be over and a thing that belongs in the history books.