Good Morning

And another grey boring depressing day begins in my neck of the woods. At least Mr. Robin pays a visit now and again to brighten up the day. I have now moved the bird house nearer to the edge of the garden as I think it was too close to the apartment and the birds were not visiting.

I was off into town yesterday but more for a look around. It was not really crowded, the usual shoppers. I think everyone is learning to shop the easy way with the computer. I sat nice and comfortably yesterday evening in front of the TV but there was nothing really interesting to watch so I made myself at home with my iPad and did my online shopping order with no stress. My new routine is to aim to stay at home more, and especially not to go anywhere on Friday. It used to be the big shopping day for the week-end, but no longer. I order the fresh food to be delivered on Friday and deal with some articles myself during the week, which I can deposit in the freezer, especially the meat. Now that delivery slots have improved to next day delivery if wanted, it is much easier. Although many businesses are now having problems because of Mr. Covid, our grocery stores have realised that by employing more people for deliveries it is paying off. They have even established a new app on the computer for ordering, although I have my own personalised app for my deliveries. About half a year ago I was invited to partake in a new development, based on the local stores.

The name of my store is “Migros” and their new system was “MyMigros” which was more personalised. I was a little apprehensive at first, as it meant paying 8.50 Swiss francs monthly, but decided to risk it as I could leave any time. They only invited chosen customers and the opportunity is now closed for more to join, but I have really profited from their new system. The goods arrive from one of the local larger stores and delivery slots are always available. When the chauffeur is on his way I get a telephone message, even telling me the name of the chauffeur. Within half an hour he arrives and deposits my ordered goods. I also get paid monthly premiums for what I have saved on special offers. They register what I buy and when I order I have a special window containing all my usual products. It could not be better for me. Some might think that this is an intrusion in my private life, but I enjoy this intrusion. Due to my and Mr. Swiss mobility problems, we are very glad for this service. I still like to go to town myself to their store to choose some items, especially meat, but if really necessary I could depend on their service daily. You basically only get free delivery if you order up to 80 Swiss Francs, but being in MyMigros, my deliveries are free or charge and there is no limit to the amount I must order.

The town was looking quite festive with the illuminations of the shop windows in the late afternoon when I was on my way home.

As you may know or not know it was my birthday this week, but then I noticed something. Many of my wonderful online friends, who I have never met in person, and also golden oldies like myself, also are having their birthdays in December. Is this a coincidence. I do not think so. There was a five year war from 1939-1945 and most of the men were away fighting in various other countries. Like my dad, they returned home at the end of the war and there was the so-called baby boom. I remember the school classes of my time had an average of 40-50 children per class and most of us had our birthdays at the end of the year, the soldiers being demobbed during 1945, so we were all born in 1946. In Facebook, WordPress or other social sites, the birthdays are quite concentrated at this time of the year, especially in Europe.

Now we are all fighting the same enemy, in the shape of miniature hairy peas and no longer is there such a political back and forth of warlike cries with other countries. We are fighting for the same thing. Gradually there are a few positive results and vaccines are appearing here and there. It now seems we are all waiting for the chance to be vaccinated and England began yesterday. Now we are are talking about it and good luck to the Brits, although the rest of us still have to wait. I will not be running to the doctors for mine when available but will take my place in the line with the others. In my days of being a Brit I remember that we all made orderly queues when waiting. My mum told me this came from the war days, you learned to be patient, and so am I.

The windows on our advent calendar at the local arsenal are gradually being uncovered. It has become an annual tradition in our town and a very nice one.

Today I am off for some meat buying, will send of my online order for Friday delivery and hope the weather will be with me.

Keep safe everyone, wear you masks, and stay at a safe distance. Have a good day.

As I was on the last stretch of the way to home yesterday I notice that our local castle in our village also had some Christmas lights. The little tent at the front of the castle is our chicken run where they can keep warm and sheltered during the wet weather.