FOWC with Fandango: Fumes

She was so proud. At last she had her own garden grill and could make the neighbours jealous during the summer evenings when she grilled her meat, the inviting flavours penetrating in the surrounding gardens. Unfortunately the surrounding windows of the various apartments were open . The smoke and fumes did not bother her so much, after all no smoke without a fire, although actually there should just have been glowing embers and not flames, absolutely no smoke..

The experience came to a quick end when she heard the sound of the fire engine and the firemen arrived in her garden complete with their hose. It seems the neighbours got a little anxious.

FOWC with Fandango: Fumes

Good Morning

I really have nothing to show for a spectacular sunrise, because it just refuses to rise in the morning. As I was scootering my way to the local store yesterday afternoon at 3.00 in the afternoon I saw the sun battling against the clouds for the first time since at least four days. It did not stay long, but proved that it was still there.

Today my cleaning lady is here and is busy with my bathrooms and kitchen. I am go glad to have her. At first I was apprehensive, but Mr. Swiss insisted and now after a couple of years I am so glad that she comes. She is only here for 2-3 hours, but that is fine with me. The normal cleaning procedures I can still do with the hoover and I often see Mr. Swiss taking a walk with the duster, every little helps. But my cleaning angel gets down to it with the cloth and various magical liquids that remove the lime deposits in the bathroom and shower. She will be coming until the week before Christmas. She has no big family in Switzerland, being from South America, so will not be having family Christmas celebrations and neither will we.

Sometimes I get the feeling I am being watched when I look out the window and see the sparrows perched in the opposite trees.

And then I noticed someone else that was watching the birds hiding behind a wall.

Suddenly she springs forwards, but the sparrows are quicker and fly off to the next tree.

It seems that Mr. Covid is now taking a grip on our Kanton. We are not so infected in our little village, just one or two cases, but a couple of the larger towns (Olten and Grenchen) are having problems with their senior residences. In one of the homes 50% of the patients are infected with the virus. Will this scourge never end?

At least the weather was acting normally yesterday. It was cold, but not freezing and the snow has stayed away from our area. The inhabitants of our Italian Kanton of Ticino and in the mountaineous Kanton of Grisons are having a hard time of it coping with the snow. One village was cut off from civilisation for a few days.

I am off into town this afternoon which will be the first time since last week. I hope to get some meat to freeze for over Christmas. Luckily I have a second fridge in the appartment that I reserve for my MS injection material, but there is enough space to take more. I am working stereo and at the same time planning my shopping for online delivery on Friday. I sometimes wonder how we managed without computers and iPhones, but we always did.

And now I should continue with cooking for lunch. The meat has been in the pan for some time, I just have some Spätzle to cook. All I have to do is fry it, I buy it already cooked, although I am also thinking about making it myself. One of the cookery organisations are offering a good machine to mix the flour and milk and eggs to do it.

Wishing a good day today with no problems, although easier said than done. One bright spot yesterday was that the cloud cover was lifting from our Jura mountains, although this morning it had returned again.