Good Morning

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes yesterday. They were certainly the highlights of my day.

Having not been anywhere since Friday I am very short of new photos, but I still have my 8000 photos in the archives. This photo was taken over the week-end when the birds again arrived in the morning to tank up on food for the day. The peanuts are there for the magpies. When they arrive the other birds disappear.

Today is the first morning since Saturday that I do not wake up to a layer of snow on the ground. I was a bit worried about weather conditions for this week and was really not sure if I could get out or not, but this morning looked promising. There was no fresh layer of snow, the old snow has disappeared completely, and the weather report has shown afternoons with no rain or snow and even perhaps a glimpse of the sun, although I am not so sure about that one. I never realised that not seeing the sun could be so depressing. The same old low grey clouds daily can really bare down on your nerves. We are at 5-600 meters above sea level. If I would take a ten minute trip by car towards the mountains I would soon be over the cloud level and bathed in brilliant sunshine, but alas those days are now gone for me.

I had a visit from one of the two local felines this morning. She suddenly walked past me from my living room. I did not even see that she entered the apartment from outside. I think she treats us as her holiday home. Eventually she waited patiently to reap the benefits of some feline treats.

At the moment my time seems to be occupied with food plans. Christmas is now getting closer and in our country all the stores will be closed from Friday until Sunday due to the holiday being followed by a week-end. It is so worrying to be sure that you have everything. There will only be Mr. Swiss and No.1 son to feed. No. 2 son lives on the other side of Switzerland. In the past Christmas days my parents would arrive from England for the week and my mother-in-law would also be here for various Christmas meals. All four kids would be here as well and there was a busy coming and going. I just took it all in my stride to cater for everyone with the food. We even had a real Christmas tree with decorations. The Swiss Christmas has many traditions, quiet and organised. Our English Christmas was more a celebration with songs and music and dancing, so we had to combine the two somehow to keep everyone happy, but it worked.

Now those days are gone. We have now become the grandparents, but without so much close contact with the grandchildren due to Mr. Covid interruptions. My No. 2 son suggested that could visit during Christmas or afterwards, but with regard to the present situation I said it would be safer for us all to keep to the isolation rules. We have all been lucky up to now being able to avoid the problem, but there is no point in taking risks. I think I am just satisfied to know that everyone is as healthy as usual. Mr. Swiss and I have our physical problems, but we just live with them and adjust.

All being well today, and so far it looks good, I will be off into town shopping today. I might even do some online shopping and order a few items. I still have space in my cellar rooms, even in the freezer, although that is getting a little crowded slowly.

I am now off to tend to the apartment and organise my day. Housework keeps me occupied and out of mischief. Look after yourselves, stay safe and enjoy the day as far as possible.

My goodbye photo is of yesterday’s cake. At least it gave me something to do. This time I made a hazelnut cut with chocolate pieces. Another one of my inventions, based on the so-called Tiroler cake. I tried a piece yesterday and it seems to be OK. We usually feed on it throughout the week.

24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh Pat. I missed that it was your birthday yesterday. I am sorry, but hope you had a really lovely day. A rather belated Happy Birthday. Xx

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    • I seem to have become a cat mother, but the problem is that they visit at least twice a day for a treat. The cake was quite good – a bit of a surprise cake as I had no idea how it would turn out. My photos are getting less as Winter is too cold to tramp around the countryside with a camera.


  2. The Tirolean cake looks yummy. Did you make it in your new air cooker?
    I think in many ways this Christmas will be a very sad and lonely one for many people. I’m thinking of my mum and HH’s mother. Both are in Senior HOmes and they are not allowed to have guests, not even visits to their rooms are allowed. All festivities have been cancelled (Xmas meal, advent ‘parties’, etc), no outings, no singing…. my blind mum just told me that one of her latest and uplifting experiences was when one of the former rental homes friends wrote that one of ‘her’ highlights was, when my family came together at Christmas, where we played our instruments and sang Christmas carols…. Different families, different experiences!

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    • It was a normal cake from the oven. I have never tried a cake in my air cooker, but you have given me an idea. I should try it the next time. It is a difficult time with this virus curse. My friend in England will be having an eye operation, nothing serious, but because of the Covid she will have to isolate for a couple of weeks over Christmas in England. It is particularly hard for the elderly.

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  3. Good Morning . . . or afternoon there! I am not a week late today. Of course, I could get behind schedule again today. I sort of wonder how horticultural professionals like me work in climates with snow. I know they do just fine because I saw the evidence of their work in Oklahoma. They actually take horticulture much more seriously there.

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    • I have no idea how it is done here. The farmers fertilise their soil after the last harvest and then have more time to spend indoors with the animals I suppose. My gardener does not visit until Spring again because there is not very much he can do in the garden.

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  4. Happy birthday a day late, Pat. Sorry I missed it yesterday! Wishing you good health in the coming year. We are now under stricter lockdown again, as the virus is rampant in our county and throughout the States. Restaurants and bars are closed and we’re not allowed to gather with anyone outside of our family. All shops are allowed to stay open at limited capacity, which doesn’t make much sense to me.

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    • Thankyour for your wishes. We also have our virus problems in Switzerland, but no lockdown. Our village has had one or two cases. It is our larger towns that have more cases. We have to be masked if we are in enclosed places, such as shops, and on our market day. We generally keep the mask on when in town. Living out in the countryside there are not so many rules to follow. Restaurants and bars are open, but only 4 people allowed on one table at the most. Our shops have stop and go lights as the public is reduced, but I have never had a stop light and have always been able to enter. Many larger chain stores make deliveries and you can order on the computer. It works very well.


  5. Good afternoon, The weather has been the same for several days, below freezing, fog /sun daytime. I had to move my begonia pegasus as it has grown so much. All social activities have been canceled here. No potlucks, monthly birthday parties. It is good that the neighborhood cats coming around are giving a cat time. Enjoy your outing this afternoon.

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    • At last no snow in the morning and a pleasant afternoon with three rays of sun. I was so feeling depressed with everything and now it seems we are having a rain and snow free week – a least until Friday. I think we are gradually getting used to living more in isolation. I am the only person in the family that does the shopping.

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  6. I haven’t been out virtually at ALL in months. Other than groceries and doctors, I’m home. Owen does most of the shopping, so it’s pretty much doctors. Otherwise, ZOOM.

    I put up another feeder. A little flat one so the bigger birds have a place to stand. I couldn’t put it on the ground — too much ice and snow. But if i hand anything more, I’ll need a new pole! So, does 74 feel any different than 73? I always wait for that next year to feel different than the one before, but it has never happened. I get older, but nothing much changes.

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    • I only go to town or along the road, both for shopping at the store. I have managed to void my doctor so far. I have a dental check, but will wait until the winter is over. I might make an appointment and then discover it will be a snowy dangerous day so would not go. 74 feels the same as every other year really . I will let you know how it feels when I become 80.My biggest roblem at the moment is hoping I will be able to get the food supplies in for the days of christmas as then eerything will be closed. What a life!

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      • I really need to see a dentist, but I really don’t feel like dealing with the complexities unless I have no choice. I’m counting on surviving the winter, but I might not. The COVID precautions mean that Garry has to wait in the car for me — and it’s WINTER, so it’s COLD. COVID has made everything difficult. Meanwhile, I don’t think we’ll be getting vaccine until the summer.

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