RDP Sunday: Misplaced

Where did I put it?
I really wish I knew
Did it fall behind the cupboard
Oh this is such a stew
The last time I saw it
was when I went to bed
It was laying on the table
so shiny, was not lead
I seek it there and seek it here
I even called its name
but why is just not clear
What a stupid game
There is only one solution
I will have to buy it new
They are no longer available
So I will have to make do
Today is my birthday
I could now place a wish
Perhaps I will get a new one
I could put it in a dish

RDP Sunday: Misplaced

16 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Misplaced

    • My mobile phone disappears all the time. Although it is usually under my eyes and I don’t realise It. It was a quiet birthday. As it was a Sunday and wet outside it was spent at home

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