Good Morning

OK, if I do not mention it, then know one will know it happened when the day has come and gone. Today is my 75th birthday although I did not order the snow to go with it. It is arriving on its own, but what we would know as wet snow so I expect it to be disappearing during the day. As it is Sunday it is not such a bother: no visits to the store and no important appointments. I am wondering whether I could celebrate by returning to hugging my bed, but the world does not stop for a birthday. I have plans like cooking lunch, perhaps baking a cake this afternoon and of course feeding my computer with various information.

Yesterday Mr. Robin paid me a visit again. It is just one, you rarely see them in flocks. They seem to be the loners of the bird world and prefer to eat in peace and quiet without interruptions from the other birds.

The magpie always has it all to himself. As soon as he begins to call the other birds fly away although he only makes a quick visit to pick up a peanut. It seems walnuts are not so popular this year.

I managed to capture this magpie just as he was flying off with his food trophy.

Although I am not a keen fan of snow, it is certainly quite decorative when it lays on the garden plants. I just hope that next week will not be a snow filled week as I do have a few commissions to deal with in the stores. I also want to begin buying for Christmas. I really do not need Christmas stress with three days of closed doors at the stores and on top of it the week-end, meaning almost 5 days. It will be a frozen food Christmas and my freezer and storage room in the basement will be full. I suppose the positive side is that I can live in isolation for a few days whilst it is happening. At least we do not have the stress of Christmas gifts as we stopped that a few years ago. I just treat my grandchildren. Decorations in the apartment are also at a minimum. I know I am the Christmas grinch in person.

Today is the day of Santa Claus visits in Switzerland and other countries in mainland Europe although this year he will have to forget climbing down chimneys or knocking at the door with his sack of goodies.We cannot have a Santa whilst Mr. Covid might be around and so Santa stands before closed doors.

Anyhow enjoy the day, make the most of it.

38 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy Birthday Pat. I would have let out the cat anyway as a very dear friend of ours in France is also having her b’day today and thus being a Samichlaus Girl!
    All the very best for you, good health, may you enjoy many small and tiny joys in your daily walk through life. M should spoil you a bit today if possible, although that might be impossible with the snow.

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    It is such a pretty day too (if you pretend to like snow for today).
    I know i am a week behind schedule, but happened to be up at a quarter to two in the morning (It is a long and irrelevant story.) and noticed your post.

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  3. Happy Birthday to you !!! I remember you saying last year that you were not much on Christmas but then you did have photos of a nice understated Christmas decorated apartment. You can make yourself a nice white angelfood cake and decorate it with white buttercream frosting and then sprinkle powdered sugar on the top (confectioners sugar…) and it will be like the snow !!! Yum yum … have a great day and a fabulous birthday .. .and many more for sure … SLP …

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    • I am still not into Christmas, so I just let it happen.. this year I have not organised any decorations. Will be glad when I have organised some food .Neill be baking something this afternoon.


  4. A milestone birthday, have a happy one. Have you made the cake yet? I don’t think the doors and hall will decorate this year. The lobby is already decorate and trees set up by the manage team. This pandemic has changed a lot of customs. No snow in site. Enjoy your evening.

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    • I just took the cake out of the oven and now it’s cooling down. I never decorate very much today. Mr. Swiss used to organise the declrations. The pandemic is really life changing.

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  5. An e-birthday card is on the way!

    We had snow yesterday too. It’s still lying around, but hopefully it will melt tomorrow. It’s very pretty, though. Your backyard looks beautiful

    All the other birds are afraid of Magpies. They are VERY pushy birds! Happy Birthday, Pat. I’m right behind you!

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    • And thank you for the wondeful card. I am still hugging the bed in the very early hours of the morning, What a wonderful surprise to wake up to.
      Our snow does not stay and disappears by lunch time. Just time to take a few photos. I also notice that the other birds disappear when the magpies arrive. When the crows arrive the magpies wait in the trees. They are certainly organised.


  6. Happybirthday to mr pat.Enjoy more and let this one to be a wonderful beggining for greater things in life.May you be. bless all the way.Hope the snow will fade away and all will be well.HBD!HBD!


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