FOWC with Fandango: Onus

Why are men so illogical. Why is there though process so different to that of women. Admittedly the vacuum cleaner is a great invention for removing dirt from the floor, but the dirt can leave behind a mark showing where it was. So he who will not be mentioned was helping me to clean the kitchen. My kitchen has a stone floor, similar to the one in the photo where I keep all my household bits and pieces.

My assistant was ready to go and found that the best solution was to use the vacuum cleaner – just a three minute job. Life would be so much easier if that was all my kitchen tiles would need. However, that is where the thought process differs. I really tried to explain the reason why it is easier to take a mop, wipe over the floor and gather the various refuse from the floor in one place. You then have a clean floor and can apply the vacuum cleaner.

Here there was a difference in the male and female thought process. It seems that the assistant found that the vacuum cleaner did it all, and there was no need for the mop. I had to explain that would be a perfect solution, but not everything in household work is done by a machine. There was a heated discussion. Needless to say I had the last word.

FOWC with Fandango: Onus

Good Morning

I was not really expecting this when I took the first glance of the morning. I knew there was some snow hanging around, but more in the southern Italian speaking part of Switzerland. However, not so bad. I could already hear the drips of melting snow and all being well it will begone by midday. Not that I really have to go anywhere, but I like to get around and break out now and again. Looking at the weather report for the week-end it is not so bad and also not so cold.

So what did I do yesterday? Not very much. At last I got around to ordering a few articles of wear. I notice that I really no longer need a large wardrobe full of the latest fashions, but decided it was time to get some decent nightwear. You never know at my age when it will be important to have something decent to wear in bed. Sounds tragic I know, but there are things that change as you get older. At the same time I talked Mr. Swiss into it as well, so now we have embarked on yet a new online buying experience. I also found a woolly cap. I must really be getting old.

Photos are a little few and far between at the moment, as I am not really going places and seeing things. All I have at the moment are the Jura mountains in my back yard, and I can be glad when the sun shines on them.

Sparrows are everywhere at the moment.

I had a plesant surprise yesterday evening. My No. 1 son was in town in the afternoon as usual and when he arrived home he said he had taken a photo for me and sent it to my phone.

He had taken a photo of our Christmas lights, but this time in the evening when you really get the full effect. My photos are usually in the late afternoon when it is not so dark. No. 1 son is always good for a surprise.

Otherwise I am off now, but will be back so have a good day. Oh, wait a minute, I just got a visitor at the window,

How can you resist with that pleading look in the eye. Roschti, the neighbourhood cat, called past for a snack for breakfast.