RDP Friday: Wine

You would think we are the great wine conoisseurs when you see our wine cellar. In the meanwhile the bottles are reduced to just a few and no-one bothers to open one and drink it unless we happen to have visitors to dinner, which we very rarely do. The wine cellar has now been reduced to two large bottles, one red and one white, which I buy in the local supermarket and only use for cooking.

My drinking days were in my teenage years and early twenties and really just to join in and show everyone I could do it. I never really did like wine. White wine was two cold and not a friendly drink (my opnion, tends to excite too much) and red wine is something to enjoy and savour, but there again I never really got the idea of it.

So now my white wine goes into the veal and pork dishes and the red wine into the beef dish and naturally no spaghetti sauce is complete without a red wine.

RDP Friday: Wine

2 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Wine

  1. What a loss. Wine drinking only makes sense if one enjoys it and then it is a thing of beauty. I tremendously enjoy it but I have a sis in law who had her father working in a winery and herself just takes a sip to be convivial…..

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