Good Morning

Currently the sun is appearing in the morning as it to say “I am still here, don’t forget me”. After the morning illumination it disappears, although at midday it returns for a few minutes. I suppose I should make the most of it and be glad it is still here. Our prophesied snow has not yet arrived, although the mountains are full of it. It seems that we will be having a so-called Föhn storm, which is a charge of warm air we get now and again, something to do with passing through the alps, and that is the cause of extreme weather situations. However this time it will be wreaking havoc in the south of Switzerland and in the alipine valleys, so we will probably be having some rain. Up to now everything under control. I am not really planning to go anywhere today, but I might make a quick escape this afternoon if the weather behaves.Tomorrow will also probably be a calm day so it looks like my freedom of movement is not under a threat at the moment.

I managed to get to the local store yesterday and passed this local little shop on the way. They bascially deal with book binding, but also frame your pictures and other such items. They always have interesting window decorations and their Christmas window is always a little artistic.

The weather had brightened up a little and I was rewarded with some clouds reflecting the sun that was hiding behind a tree yesterday afternoon..

I did not really have a lot to get in the store, but wanted to stock up on cold meats and bread, as I was not so sure how my mobility would be over the week-end.

This morning the magpies were doing a flight show demonstration again, although the target was to capture some peanuts I had put out for them. You always know when they a coming as they can be quite loud when calling to each other “Grubs up, come and get it”. This one seemed to be performing a dive bombing exercise.

Roschti, the local cat that lives next door, was also on his way. His first stop seemed to be the water bowl I have outside for any passing wild life. During the night I think it is often visited by the hedgehog population, if they have not yet hibernated. I never see them as that is usually the time when I also have my night’s hibernation.

Today I will be expecting my delivery from the supermarket online and this afternoon I will probably be a lady of leisure, although I plan on cooking a Swiss Cheese flan for the evening meal and perhaps a soup to go with it. And now to move on to the daily chores. Keep safe, the week-end is not far away. I leave you with a view of the local castle as I was scootering on home yesterday from the store. Note the snow covered Jura mountain in the background. That will probably stay with us now until next year in February.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos … it looks like the Holiday season has finally arrived … take care … stay warm and healthy … and enjoy your flan .. sounds wonderful .. SLP …

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    • The holiday season began to arrive here already in October. It is very nice to see the decorations, but I will be glad when it is all over and we can get back to a normal routine. The soup is cooking and the flan will be going in the oven in a few minutes.


  2. Good afternoon, the sun is shining but it is cold outside. I love seeing your visitors. I do miss my feeder. On the drive for my haircut I noticed the snow was off the mountains, the only the highest mountains had it. The Christmas scene is delightful. Enjoy the rest of the day whatever you do.

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    • I was at home during the afternoon. I had to deal with some stuff on the computer and the weather was not so inviting, although I was surprised that the snow and the rain stayed away. Our snow will now remain until next February in the mountains.

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  3. I do not think I would enjoy snow that stayed around from now until February. I don’t have much more than a few days experience with it, but I remember that I got annoyed by it after a while.

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