RDP Thursday: Jade

I was feeling a little jaded on my way home from the store this afternoon, but I was prepared. I had my woolly hat on, with compliments of Mr. Swiss. I should really have a look online to see if I can find something more fitting to my taste. I had my gloves, although they tend to get in the way when I take photos now and again. There was still some small remainders of snow on the way, but not too much and my trusty scooter ploughed its way through them.

RDP Thursday: Jade

Good Morning

At last we have a sunrise in all its glory. It was a long time coming and I was really getting a little depressed with my morning tea and breakfast not seeing any clouds outside. Everything was so dull, but today the sun has again risen in my little part of Switzerland.

I was not here very much yesterday, just in the morning, but I had a few things to deal with. First of all the helicopter operation of removing a tree caused some excitement and I just had to take a few photos of the event.

The tree is no longer here, just an empty space, but I am glad I managed to capture its last stand.

Then I had quite an organisation with my shopping list, mainly for meat. It was important for my future week, as we will be getting some snow from Friday, probably now and again over the week-end and I will probably be a little housebound, so I had to do some planning.

I was off to town in the afternoon and am glad to say I manage to get everything. I really had to write a detailed list, so as not to forget anything. I also had to do the online shopping list for all the side pieces to complete the four days without having to go anywhere.

I had not really been anywhere in the last couple of days, just local shopping and I was glad that our snow cleared away quickly and the streets were clear for my scooter. We will now have the Christmas lights in town until next January, and it really makes a difference. I am now quite prepared for my Winter excursions with my nice warm gloves and woolly hat. Even the Covid mask gives a little warmth on the face. I have two nice hats that I once knitted but naturally have not yet found them. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has given me his woolly hat which is nice and warm and quite good. I have decided to have a search on the computer for a hat would be a good idea. I noticed in town that almost everyone is now wearing something warm on their heads. There is really quite a nip in the air and when you are riding a scooter there is a headwind to cope with.

When I returned home, my first chore was to put my meat in the freezer and vacuum pack a few items. I then sent my online order which I have planned to be delivered Friday morning between 10 and 11. I even had a slot for today, but at the moment I am nicely covered for food. Today looks like it will develop into a cold but sunny day and I will be off to the local store this afternoon, just for the fun of it and to pick up some fresh bread. I am planning a yellow pea soup with the evening food so will need some fresh leek: another new experience in my kitchen. Soups are quite easy to cook, once they are in the pan just leave it for an hour or so, not really a lot of work and all original ingredients.

I also had a little office work. In the days that I had a car, I had an extra insurance for legal protection and received a bill for next years subscription. I had to cancel it officially by e-mail which is not so easy for me, having to write it all in German. However, Mr. Swiss to the rescue and he set up a reply which I could copy. Speaking german was never such a problem, you can always use hands and feet if you do not know the word, but it is easy to make grammatical mistakes. German can get a little complicated when they have twelve versions of the word for “the” according to the case you are using. I know the general rules, but it takes time for me to work it out which is the right word to apply.

Having completed that little job, I moved on to the next task of organising the 30-40 photos I had taken during the day. Eventually I was finished and really had no extra time left for writing one of my Pulitzer Prize entries on my blog, so I decided to call it a day on the computer. Today is looking a little better.

Our local Jura mountains are really looking quite good now in their Winter coat of snow although if the snow stays up there where it belongs it is OK with me.

The birds are still arriving for their meals at my place This magpie was making a take off from the tree opposite my garden. We have plenty of action here. I hope you do not have too much action or stress today so take it easy. This Christmas stress can often be a bit too much. I am already planning my Christmas food shopping to see what I can already deposit in the freezer.

Just one more photo taken as I was entering the edge of town with some Winter scenery. See you around I hope.