Good Morning

You leave your bed in the morning, have a look outside to find the world is in order, and then you begin with the morning ritual of feeding the birds, installing you laptop in the kitchen and making breafast. Just as breakfast is almost ready you hear an approaching noise and then the block where you live begins to vibrate and the noise gets louder. You notice that your opposite neighbour is outside in the garden with her mobile phone camera.

It was then that I decided to take a closer look and saw a helicopter circling over our head.

You take a closer look at the helicopter and realise that it has a cable hanging from it. Now it begins to get interesting. There is also the noise of an electric saw in the background.

And then the helicopter descends a little and rises again, but this time it has a branch of the fir tree hanging on the cable. It is then clear that the tree on the right is being demolished.

We now have one tree less in our surroundings.

And now back to normal. I noticed that you can even see clouds in the sky today. Our snow has now disappeared. It stopped snowing yesterday morning and then it turned into rain.

It did not bother our sparrows so much and they continued foraging amongst the snow for the food I had spread for them.

These two even gave a hovering demonstration, deciding whether or not to settle for more food or have their after lunch relaxation.

I am glad to say that it looks like a normal day today with no rain or snow and the roads and streets are clear, so I will be off again into town. At least I will see something different. I will be doing my meat shopping today and the rest will be delivered on Friday from the store so it looks like we will survive this week. The carousel starts again next week. The next snow day should be on Friday but that does not bother me so much.

And now time to do the rest of the daily routine, to the tune of a helicopter in the background. Have a good day, take care. I leave you with the remains of our fir tree.