Good Morning

Yes it arrived, the first snowfall of the Winter. Mr. Swiss was up early for a few minutes and brought me the news that it was snowing. We had all been expecting it, and the weather forecast made the prediction yesterday. There were mega sized flakes falling when I arose but now, 3-4 hours later it has stopped snowing for some time and the heavy snow is now falling from the trees. Luckily the temperatures are over 0°C. I had stocked up on supplies for the next few days, although it looks like I can again escape tomorrow for some shopping should everything go according to the predictions. The next snow is predicted for Friday so I have enough time to plan. It would not surprise me if it did not begin to rain this afternoon.

I managed to drag myself out to the bird food depot to make sure that they would not go hungry, although I think they are the best fed birds here. You can see the tracks my walker left in the snow: it was a soft snow, so nothing unconquerable. I have a nice pair of pink plastic clogs which are quite useful for such conditions, but they seemed to have disappeared during the summer.

Of course I am not very happy about this weather, although it is quite pretty to see. I will be staying at home today. My cleaning lady called to say she has a cold and whether I thought it would be better for her not to come. I told her to stay at home. In these days of Covid it is better to take no risks. She lives a little up one of the local mountains, but she is not snowbound – yet.

I am really not sure how the week will continue for me. I do not have to go anywhere for shopping, have enough at home, but will have to compose an online shopping list for the week-end.

May it be a stressless day for all, although that is easier said than done. And here is a last look at one of the snow loaded trees, as the snow has already dropped to the ground.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh my goodness!!! What a difference a day makes!!! A blanket of fresh white snow. Amazing …. I hope your motorized scooter has a ski attachment !!! (Just kidding ….). Have a great day … go out and join a snowball fight … SLP … .

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    • I won’t be going anywhere today although the snow is melting and there will probably not be very much left until tomorrow, my scooter stays in the garage today.


  2. Good afternoon, snow is lovely to look at it. Our first snow disappeared the same day. Not much is happening here. Our news media have now Trump has been fairly quiet. Our local news was full of car accidents. I need to Have a busy day with the snow. get ready to take a shower later this morning.

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  3. Welcome to winter. We had one of those at the end of October, but nothing since. I’m hoping it will stay away just another few weeks, but I have my winter boots read and I think I know where to find the hats and the gloves et al. Today is oncologist day. Tomorrow is eye doctor day. Friday is shrink (the prescribing kind) telephone day. Next week is back to spinal injections and the last set has made a HUGE difference. It too a few weeks to get up to speed, but last night, I DID NOT NEED PAINKILLERS! Nor this morning! That is a giant step forward. The most positive thing in the past year. We’re out the door to the lab for testing. The doctor VISIT in a zoom, but the tests, they need to find a vein. Ouch.

    Snow. It’s so pretty when it’s fresh and light. I’m happy around here when they aren’t measuring it by the foot!

    Hugs, Marilyn

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    • Looks like you have a full calendar of doctor visits. I am trying to avoid them at the moment. Our snow has now mostly disappeared and I think by tomorrow afternoon it will be easy going again, until Friday. But I have nothing programmed for Friday. Oh how I hate winter.


  4. Oh wow, it did snow already. It sure is pretty . . . from thousands of miles away. When I experienced snow in Oklahoma, I thought it was like totally awesome at first, . . . but it lingered. I mean, it did not go away. I though it would melt or . . . do something. It just stayed around and got slushy, muddy and messy. It got tracked everywhere. I eventually learned why those who are familiar with it sort of dislike it.

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