Good Morning

I saw a cloud this morning. Nothing impressive, just some outlines of what could be. At least there is some movement in the sky. I am really getting a little depressed with this dull weather we are having, but according to the weather report, I should not be so negative. Tomorrow we will have our first snowfall, big deal. Today will be the last chance to actually go places – the store – and buy food, because Tuesday will become a day of isolation.

I did a quick mental check and discovered that I am covered for food more or less until Tuesday. I will add a few necessities today. What is with Wednesday? Apparently then no more snow, but will it still be with us laying frozen clinging to the ground. For lunch on Wednesday I have nothing, although wait a moment. The Swiss cervelat, our national sausage, is in the fridge. I have three of them left from the week-end and that will be ideal for lunch of Wednesday. In the meanwhile I will compose an online order from the supermarket to be delivered on Wednesday so what could possibly go wrong. At least we will not starve.

Due to my week-end exile indoors, there are no prize winning photos to see, just the remnants of what is still in the garden. The sedum had seen better days, but is still holding its head up with the remains of what was once a flower head.

The hostas are also looking the worst for wear, and all that is left are the dried seed pods on their stalks. That is also a small wonder, because I have not yet cut down the remaining stalks, or organisaed No. 1 son to do it for me. Seeds are no longer there, but they rarely germinate to form a new plant.

Otherwise I seem to have spent my Sunday with cooking lunch and the afternoon recreation with the computer. After watching a film featuring various sea monsters with a story behind it, I was confronted with the beginning of the Tom Cruise film week and naturally with a Mission Impossible film. Not really my taste, but I somehow get interested in those stupid films, full of stunts that no human being could perform in real life and all tricks of the camera. I think it was No. 5, Rogue Nation, of the series, but am not so sure. And that was my boring week-end.

The week-end was again a Swiss voting week-end, although we do our voting by post. Yes Mr. Trump, we have been doing it for years and no problem. I do not think I have seen the inside of a voting office for the past 20 years. I have a very good system.I look quickly at the information sent, and then have a look at what Mr. Swiss voted. I am mostly his opinion with a few exceptions. I did not have so much time last week, so decided to share his opinion. It all worked out OK. The voters have now given our local police more power with their investigations. That is OK, but I hope that we are not becoming a police Kanton.

And now to apply my own laws within my own four walls. We now have the week-end behind us and are slipping nearer to Christmas daily. Have a good day. Some of the neighbours are already applying their Christmas decorations,

but nothing too extreme up to now.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos … it is cold and rainy here … we are supposed to have rain all day … so I guess it is a good day to clean the basement. My wife will be pleased if I follow that path. Have a great day ,,, SLP ….

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  2. The sedum still looks pretty. Tonight we are to have our first hard freeze of the season. It usually occurs shortly after the camellias bloom…the beautiful flowers will be on the ground tomorrow.
    Last night we watched a Dolly Parton Christmas show–which was a musical. Not my husband’s favorite genre at all, but he stuck it through and watched it till the end.
    Stay warm. Have a great day, Pat.

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    • We have had a few freezes but not lower than -2°C up to now. I have become a fan of Dolly Parton. She is quite popular in England and I just love the song she sang with Kenny Rogeres, Islands in the Stream. Perhaps the British TV might be televising the show. Will keep an eye open for it. And keep warm on the other side of the pond.

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  3. Good afternoon, the days can be long unless you find something else to keep you busy, I knitted or crochet for a while. Knitted wool hats for the Idaho National Guard and hats cancer patients. My eyes won’t handle that any longer. I like to listen to Dolly Parton and other country music songs. Enjoy the rest of the with some things.

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    • I used to knit a lot, also dress making, sewed most of my own clothes, but now I just like to relax with the TV or with my camera. I also like Dolly Parton very much. They often play her songs on one of the radio stations in Britain.

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  4. Snow? I just got your post from this morning (which is a week later than this one) and thought it showed the first snow. I suppose I will find out what happened tomorrow/last week. Goodness; time travel can be so confusing.

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