11 thoughts on “FOTD 30th November 2020: Snowberries

  1. I didn’t know they’re called Snowberries in English, in Swiss German we called them Schnuderbeeri (ask Marcel) when we were kids…. If he really doesn’t know, they are named with such an unlucky name because when you squash them under your foot, they look just like…. yeah, snot!

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      • Schneebeere or Rebhuhnbeere (partridge berry) in German. Didn’t know that either, obviously…. maybe it was only us common folks (kids) who had that kind of vocabulary. Although to be fair and honest, I NEVER learned any bad words at home, it was only at school and outside. 😉

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  2. The species that is native here looks just like that. We generally remove them with underbrush, but a few are allowed to regenerate as more compact shrubbery. People are amused by the strange white berries.

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