Good Morning

I am so getting fed up with our dreary low cloud covered sky. I am probably getting sun starved. I would so like to see it again. It does not even have to be shedding warmth, just some light and shade in this boring little corner. that is why I am showing our Christmas lights again, this time with my camera and not mobile phone. At least the nights are lively.

I had a little bright point this morning when Roschti, the neighbours cat, put in an appearance. He sat at the window looking at me with his longing eyes and I could not resist, so he got a snack to start off the morning.

Five minutes later, Neghbour’s cat No. 2 arrived and so he was also given his breakfast.

To complete the picture the robin arrived, although I must admit this photo was yesterday. This morning he was contented to feed from the deck where the sparrows have their laid table. The sparrows had been and gone by the time he ventured to arrive. Robins do not like to share their food I noticed.

Otherwise I had a day of semi isolation yesterday. I stayed at home and tended to the apartment. I had no desire to go anywhere in this dull cold weather. Although just sitting around and doing nothing is not my thing.

I decided to bake a fruit cake. I had so many left overs of fruit from the other cakes I have made I decided to use them in a cake creation. This time I had some cherries and some cranberries I could add. I also used some brown sugar for a change.

Which reminded me of a wake up song from Mick Jagger for the morning. So now we are all awake and I am going further on my daily household routine. I have a red cabbage to cook to go with the boiled ham for lunch so should get moving. I also just got a warning that my keyboard is low and I should upload it, which I am now doing as I am writing. The original keyboard on my Apple gave up the ghost some time ago. It still works, but not all the letters-

I must really move on now. Have a good relaxed Sunday and may it be a good one.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … we are cleaning the leaves out of the gutters today .. a couple of golden oldies scrambling up the ladder to scoop out the leaves … what could possibly go wrong? Stay tuned … great photos .. all the cute kitties visiting for their treat … SLP …

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  2. We are moving into the cabin fever season. They are predicting snow — maybe — or MAYBE it’ll just be rain. But it has definitely gotten cold enough to snow. Not quite cold enough for a snow that stays for the rest of the winter, but cold enough to stick for a couple of days. I’m dreading it.

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    • I can understand entirely. Just had a look at the Christmas days where everything will be closed from Friday until Sunday so I will really have to plan carefully for food. If it snows as well the catastrophe will be perfect.


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