2 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Preponderance

  1. The problem with preponderance is that is doesn’t stand alone. A preponderance of bicycles rather than cars — it’s also a preponderance against some other thing (usually related). So you can’t have just a preponderance. You need it to be a prepondering related to another thing. It’s not unlike the word “whether.” Whether works with “or” so it’s always whether or not or some combination like that. Some of these words were not meant to be used without a context. But you do have rather a lot of bicycles 🙂

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    • Our family is probably one of the few that does not have a bicycle in our area. I decided to have a look what we would say in german for preponderance to perhaps simplify the problem for me. It has now got more complicated. I got the word “Übergewichtt” which for me would mean “Overweight” like you had been eating to much.


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