RDP Tuesday: Motif

The stores have now begun to get ready for Christmas. Now? Not really. It began already in October, but now the shelves are full of Christmas. Father Christmas figures have been pushed into a corner. Where is the reindeer, the holly and other such motifs?

Christmas is now resembling a horror event with strange figures wearing sunglasses and costumes resembling more a Rocky Horror Picture Show as loving figures with bags of toys on their backs bringing delights to the children. Does anyone actually buy these strange objects. Perhaps they come alive at Christmas climbing up the tree and sitting on the Christmas Lights. Where is the Christmas fairy at the top of the tree and the golden stars. These horror figures are wearing strangely coloured scarves around their necks instead of the tinsel ribbons.

RDP Tuesday: Motif

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Motif

  1. I think those weird figures are supposed to be skiers. Someone did a study saying that decorating for Christmas makes people happy. It reminds me of 9/11 when, to distract people, they started Christmas around October 1 in the stores. I don’t like it either.

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