Good Morning

Wouldn’t it have been good if this was this morning’s sky, but no such luck. This was yesterday afternoon and so impressive I just had to take a photo. This morning there is just a grey cover, not even a glimpse of the sun, but who knows. It might arrive this afternoon, at least that is what the weather report says.

Otherwise no big journeys yesterday. I went to the local store along the road, about a five minute journey by scooter, to get a few food items, but nothing really urgent. This is the path I take with my scooter along the side of the rail tracks. I had enough food already to cover me up to todays lunch, the rest were just ornaments. Flour was running low from my cake baking escapades and I now endeavour to get a fresh bread daily. I used to buy for two days, but I go out every day. I have about four frozen loaves so in the worse case I would have something at home. I noticed that my choice of ready frozen veg was no longer very interesting. They are having a special offer this week on frozen veg in the store from today, so I will have a look to see what I can buy. I actually try to cook fresh veg, but it is always good to have a reserve for now and again.

Not very romantic scenery on the way to the store, but we lived in this side street for many years before we moved to our present village. In the background the ever present Jura mountains and in the right corner our local restaurant, a pizzeria. It has now been closed since the beginning of the year. The owner retired and Mr. Covid got a little in the way. No-one really bothers with restaurants today, too risky.

The sparrows are still arriving for their food daily. Some like to perch at the top of the hedge for a better view of the the ground level food choices. I notice they have their special times for feeding: n the early morning for a few hours, then around lunch time and their last invasion is usually mid afternoon. They disappear afterwards and I only see them again the next day. They probably need digestion time.

This morning my cleaning lady is here but is almost finished and dinner is cooking nicely, so everything under control. This afternoon I will be in town shopping for food. Everyone keeps telling me that it is now cold outside, but I find it not so bad. I think I have some sort of built-in heating system.

As you can see, Autumn is still hanging around, but getting ready to say goodbye. In the background you can see our local mountain, Weissenstein. I think the last time I was up the top must have been 2-3 years ago. Now it is out of reach, even with the cable car.

So have a good day everyone, keep safe and your distance.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning . .the photo of the bird perched on the bush is really interesting. Today we are going to roast the halloween pumpkin at our house and do pumpkin pies. So much for the diet for a few days .. alas. Have a great day. SLP …

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    • Although we can now buy pumpkins etc. halloween is long forgotten. We never really celebrated it. The birds perch everywhere at the moment. I am busy experimenting with food at the moment. Tonight we have a tomato salad made of small colourful tomatoes and a tuna salad to go with it.

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  2. Good afternoon, our clouds are back and it is cold outside I read a couple posts about COVID-19 that makes since to me. The first 5 days you have it are when you can passed it to another person, also nose problems is another area where the virus can linger. Trump finally release the money to start the transition to the change over to Biden’s office. Hope you had a good trip this afternoon.

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    • Very cold and unfriendly here. I saw we have one case of Covid in our village since yesterday. The population of the village is about 950 people. About time Trump faced the reality. He has made a right idiot of himself with his antics to prove that he actually won.

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  3. It has actually warmed up a bit today. Yesterday it was really nasty. Wet and windy, and of course we had our own murder of crows. Finally, our new president-elect is moving forward. I was wondering if it would EVER happen. What a crazy year.

    We haven’t been out to eat since my birthday, March 11. Massachusetts went into lockdown the next day. Our favorite restaurant closed — it’s just an empty store now. I think, other than fast food joints like McDonald’s, just one restaurant is still open. The rest are either closed or may just waiting for everyone to get vaccinated.

    I wonder how long vaccines will take to get to us?

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    • I wanted to reply about the crow murder on your posting but it didn’t work. I was on my iPad. I live with a crow colony since when I live in our apartment, 20 years. They join in with my bird feeding sessions, but the other birds leave until they are finished, except for the magpies. They like to make off with the walnuts. I have never had a problem with them and they seem to be quite intelligent, although quite noisy.
      Thank goodness that Trump is going at last. He is the same age as us, meaning if he wants to try again he will be 78 years old.
      We never go anywhere, except for my shopping trips. I sometimes have the feeling that inam living in a ghost town.

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