RDP Monday: Crown

I have gone back many years, to 1911 exactly. It was the coronation of King George V of England and Queen Mary. This little jug was one of the heirlooms from my paternal grandmother: not of great value and there are still many in existence, but although I am not such a monarchist, it is nice to have one.

RDP Monday: Crown

6 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Crown

  1. Such a wonderful remembrance … I am presently holding onto many things from the past … I am hoping eventually my niece and nephew will “come around” and show some interest in them … the past is slowly fading away though … it is important to hold onto the past … or we won’t learn …. SLP …

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    • I have quite a lot of old ornaments from my dad’s family mainly. His father like to collect them at various auctions and I managed to bring them to Switzerland over the years after leaving England behind me.


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