Good Morning

Patience also has its rewards. My first look outside when I stopped hugging the bed was plain grey, I then saw a very small contour of a cloud so decided to wait. After organising the birds for the day, setting up my computer and preparing my breakfast I decided to have another look on the sunny side. I was rewarded with the first clouds and blue sky of the day, so it cannot be too bad after all. Even Monday mornings can have their charm, especially if you are a golden oldie with only housewife chores to deal with.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a wheelie in my chair around the local farm and castle to see what was on offer. It was a wonderful sunny day, quite cool, but as the cows wear their own fur coats, they did not seem to be suffering from the low temperatures.

They were out on the field munching away and seemed quite happy. Looks like there will be enough milk for the day.

I moved on and discovered a couple of horses in the stables.

I really treasure my life here in this little corner of Switzerland where the cows and the hedgehogs say good night to each other. It is so peaceful and no stress.

There were even a few chickens roaming around. The professional egg layers have their own mobile home and garden, but the special hens, the ones with the designer feather coats, roam around on their own.

This one is a so-called silky, the hens with the punker hair style and the blue beauty spot on the cheek. She had broken out of the pen and was taking a walk around the grounds. I think our hens must be very happy and they even have their own rooster for the high life in between.

There are also a few ducks, or are they geese? I am not sure, but were inquisitive to see what I was doing with the camera. It sometimes difficult to get a good photo as they are behind a wire fence, but if my focus finger is working, I usually managed to reduced the fence patterns on the photo.

I was planning on an hour’s journey, but on the way met an old colleague from my first aid days in the village group. I had a lot to catch up with. She was also a qualified nurse, until she was pensioned a year ago, but still has contact with a few other nurses. She was telling me that there were a few cases of Mr. Covid in our hospital, but not so extreme. Living in a small village, you always bump into someone you know.

And as I was in the area, I could no resist yet another photo of our local castle Waldegg with the Jura mountains in the background.

Eventually I arrived home, tired but happy and began to upload the 80 photos I took on the way, naturally with my ear buds to listen to some good music whilst I was doing it. Mr. Swiss usually has his nose stuck in a book at home so conversation is not exactly lively and after 52 years together, there are not many new subjects to discuss. However, a musical background is always good I am quite a keen listener to a station from the states, Jazz 24, and they bring music all day


And now it’s time to move on and deal with this and that in the apartment. I will still be hanging around in the background. May you all have a good day, if not, try to make the most of it. I know it can often be difficult to enjoy every minute.

I decided I could not leave without a photo of our Swiss alps that I took yesterday on my wheelie. The light was right and I managed to get a clear photo of what lies 1-2 hours away by road from my village.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. Great pictures of the mountains and of the animals. I do not know much about cows … but your pictures show there are quite a few different kinds. I remember we had some when I was a small child … we lived on the edge of a surburban development which never quite took off in my childhood, so we were surrounded by soybean fields, corn fields and a pasture across the street from our house … where they eventually built more houses. Today it is all surburban tract housing but back then .. .looking back .. it was wonderful .. although I did not think so at the time.. Occasionally one would get out. One day when I was about 6 or 7 … I bounded out the front door to go to school .. and there in our front yard .. staring me in the face .. was one of the calfs that I used to cross the street to pet … it had somehow managed to get around the pasture fence and come over to visit me. It is interesting the memories that a photo will bring out to consider again. Have a great day .. .SLP ..

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    • We have a very large cow population, one cow for every human in the population making about 1,5 million cows- Tjey are mainly milk cows, otherwise we also have crops such as sunflowers for the oil, and wheat as well as sugar beet.


    • I took a few mountain photos that afternoon. Life is different for me now, without a car and my mobility problems, but I am managing. I think I can avoid Christmas stress by buying food in advance and planning everything. It will just be Mr. Swiss, no. 1 son and me which is fine with me.


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