RDP Sunday: Amber

Life has become amber coloured as time goes by. It has become fashion to described life in colour. Red means no go, green tells you that everything is fine, and when no-one really knows whether it is good or bad, they let you have an amber warning.

It no longer has very much to do with a precious stone, but daily risks.

Anyhow, I can still find some amber highlights in daily life, provided by the sun.

RDP Sunday: Amber

7 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Amber

    • We have had a similar system in our stores since Mr. Covid arrived in April. Green you may enter and red stay out. I have not seen any amber lights, but that could cause problems when one of the customers has the foot over the line and does not know whether to enter or not. I have actually never encountered a red light – yet, it is always green, but people seem to be getting less and less.


    • I can order online and it is delivered to my door which works very well. Shopping at the store is no big problem, there are few people and I can always enter. There is just a limit as to how many people can be in the store

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