Good Morning

It is a misty morning again, so it can only get better I hope. At least it is not raining (or snowing) yet. I am busy organising my Winter life at the moment. Up to now no problem. The cold does not bother me too much, I seem to have developed my own built-in central heating system. Mr. Covid-Corona is a sort of barometer at the moment. Cases are decreasing a little, although 4-5000 daily is not a small amount, but for a while it was up to 9,000. The powers that be are warning us not to get too optimistic about it, but the queue for online orders at the local grocery chain is no longer so drastic and if I order today I have a good chance to get the goods tomorrow,, although Friday will do nicely. I am planning a week-end shopping action online for this week. It would mean that I would not be dependent on a shopping trip and could just go as it pleases me. This time I will ordering fresh meat and chicken, not so much, but it will be a new thing for me.

At the moment I am dependent on my flying friends for some photos, as when I visit the local store along the road, the photographic choice is not so good.

I found this house on the way with its interesting mosaic tile pattern. Even nature was intervening and a tree seemed to be taking over part of the building.

I even got a view of one of the monastery churches from the entrance to the store which was reflecting the sunlight.

Otherwise the sparrows have again discovered my bird house, although they are very sensistive when they notice that I am hovering with the camera. One slight movement and they are off.

I must say online life is wonderful. No more walking around in the stores hoping to find what you want. I really need new fitted sheets for the bed, Dear Tabby, our last cat, loved to sharpen her claws on them now and again and as they are jersey, and good quality jersey, they suffered from the threads she pulled. I have now got around to having a look in internet and found exactly what I wanted, the same as I already had, so they will be ordered today. I will definitely throw the others away. We no longer have a cat, so I can take risk, although I do miss Tabby and so does Mr. Swiss. We still have visions of her laying in her favourite places.

Today is a busy day for No. 1 son and me. It is again collection day for newspapers and cardboard tomorrow and we have to have it ready at the roadside to be collected. He has already bundled it all together and will be shifting it out this afternoon. Tomorrow will also be collection day for the garden garbage and we have a large bin full of the remains of the summer to put out. I will help him as much as possible, but he has to do the heavy work. He told me yesterday about the lovely red sunsets in town in the late afternoon. Not that he is a nature boy, and he explained it in his autistic way. He has a mobile phone so I told him the next time he sees one to take a photo and send it to me. He said OK, and when an autist says OK it will be done. I am wondering how the photos will be.

And now to move on as I have a full programme this morning and no time for computers, although I will be trying to place my online order for groceries.

Have a good one, may the weather be with you.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Great pictures. I also am adapting to “on-line” life .. but I still like the tactile feeling of being able to go into a store and handle the merchandise before I buy. It is very difficult I know … to have all the people go into the stores and inspect the merchandise to confirm the quality .. and then go home and buy it online. Alas … the world in which we live. Have a great day. Capture more great photos with your eye … SLP …

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    • I quite enjoy online life. No more hustle and bustle in the stores. The only things I inspect are the quality of the veg, but do not handle it so much, just have a good look. I still like to buy fresh veg and meat myself, but am gradually adapting to buying that also online. Today was a nice sunny day for photos.


  2. What a lovely, positive post. I’m happy about your reaction to your son’s autistic approach to ‘anything’. I know quite a few persons with autism and they all have developped their own satisfactory lives and all of them are quite happy. And it’s so true that when a person with autism says ‘I’ll do it’ you know it’s gonna happen. Not something we can say of many people. Well done to him and you as his parents.

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  3. Good afternoon, it is raining right and it will rain most of the day. My left ankle gave out and it about time twice this morning but I was able to catch myself and didn’t fall. I need to water my plants today and it is about time to water the orchids. I sit my armyllis in my closet hoping it will bloom again. Today seems to be about the lost of a pet. My English friend lost their dog and it brought memories of many furbabies. I remember when we brought things by mail they weren’t always the same as the picture. I may need to buy of on online shopping. Have a great day and stay save.

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    • Those falls come always so unexpectedly and I can speak from experience. I put my amaryllis outside in the summer and gave it fertiliser at least once a week. It rewarded me by a new flower in August. Now it is sitting in the apartment and making leaves. I have two, and it is not so unusual that they flower again, but you must feed them. One of the reasons that we no longer want a pet is because we are now too old.

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  4. The news states that store are now limiting the purchase of certain items again: toilet paper, paper towels, bleach wipes. Here we go again…
    I had Parker at the vet last week for her yearly shots and had them clip her nails. Pumpkin’s were easy to do, but Piper is a rascal. She’s the scratcher and is about to ruin our sheets so we will have to devise a plan to get hers clipped quickly!

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    • Our government also gave out some new stuff today, and I did not even listen. It is a kantonal thing a lot here and some places are more strict than others. Ours is one of the stricter with only 30 people allowed at a meeting. We have plenty of goods for everyone and now it is easier to get a delivery slot on line. I did an order this afternoon and could have it delivered tomorrow, but I chose Friday instead, it suits me better. With our total of 100 toilet rolls in the cellar I think we will be ok. Tabby used our sheets are a claw sharpener.


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