RDP Tuesday: QI

“It’s already for one of my special Chinese dishes, but wait a minute. where is the QI”

“The what?”

“A QI. No chinese meal is complete without a QI. I told the guy in the store not to forget to include the QI.”

“And what did he say?.”

“He didn’t say anything really. He just nodded with a smile on his face and said it was free of charge.”

“What does it look like”.

“All QI’s look the same. A Chinese meal is not the same without a QI, everyone knows that. It gives that particular QI taste to the food.

“What colour is it?”

“QI coloured. You do not eat colours, it is the taste that is important. Wait a moment I have found it, it was still in my shopping bag and now it refuses to leave the bag. It is hanging on and has decided it does not want to be cooked or eaten. Now I feel sorry for it. I think we will be eating the meal without the QI. It would be cruelty to a QI to eat it.”

“I suppose you are right, What are you going to do with the QI?

“Put it in the fridge so that it will stay nice and fresh and live longer.”

RDP Tuesday: QI

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