RDP Sunday: Mobility

It really is a question of mobility. When my MS was discovered four years ago, it had began to creep up on me. I say discovered, as it seems it been hanging around for 30 years, but apart from the fact that I could never ride a bicycle or tended to fall now and again, I thought it was just me. We all have our problems. However when I fell and could not stand up using my own legs, it was decided that I should have a more detailed examination by a neurologist. After various examinations in the hospital, the case was clear, Multiple Sclerosis had arrived. The funny thing was it did not even bother me so much, at last it had a name. Before the neurologist broke the news, I broke it to him, I mean if you read enough books and watch medical programmes on the TV, you know where it is going.

Four years of injections every second day is now my programme, although there is no cure, but just a breaking system to keep it in slow progression. Does it bother me? I really do not have time to let it bother me so much. I am perhaps one of the lucky ones: no slurred speech, no real pain, just fatigue in the legs which is the mobile part of it and no brain problems, although perhaps some might disagree, but I was always a bit of a rebel.

However, I decided to remain as mobile as possible. I began my journey with an electric wheelchair, but that was a little complicated when going shopping. And then I discovered the scooter. I even have a device to attach my walker. This means a 10 kmh journey to the store, park the scooter, remove the walker and in you go for the shopping. After 2-3 years of practice, I am sure I would be a winner in the scooter olympics and obstacle race.

It could be a lot worst, and the most important thing for me is to remain mobile and carry on. Now and again I might fall, but the ambulance people pick me up again. Oh, in the meanwhile Mr. Swiss also has a scooter (no MS, just old age that has crept up on him).

RDP Sunday: Mobility

8 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Mobility

  1. Sorry to hear this! Thanks for sharing your positive outlook of the situation with us though!

    ~hugs from Raenie (who has been living with (ME/CFS) I’ve been leaning on my shopping carts for support for the last 30 years or so! (heeh) But I’m still going … ummm … most of the time?! 😉

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    • I use to rely on the shopping carts, but now I use my walker and fill it with chosen groceries. Afterwards I load them onto my scooter and take them home. Now and again I order standard articles online from the store. There is also a group called collectors that bring the shopping home from the store. In bikes with containers, although I don’t use them so much now.

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