FOWC with Fandango: Arrest

Our government is a little stressed at the moment, perhaps more than a little, not really knowing what the best thing to do is to protect us all from Mr. Covid 19. However, there is a new strategie. Wearing masks is a must when entering a closed space such as a shop or other premises, but on the street, it is your own decision. There is an exception when it is market day, we then all have to wear a mask. We have been told that police will now be patrolling more.

This photo was taken a day after the announcement. In the middle of town a police van with four masked police standing next to it. They were not arresting anyone, as we were all doing the right thing, but I have a strange feeling that we are slowly becoming a police state.

Yesterday as I was leaving the store there was a police van parked on the street. A masked police officer was busy doing something next to the van. I walked past and decided to strike up a conversation.

“I have never seen so many police in town over the past week. Is it because of the virus?+

The policman stopped his work and gave me an answer. He seemed to be quite happy that someone showed interest in his work.

“No, not really” he said, “we just like to keep an eye on things.”

“But Solothurn is such a quiet market town, and we have no Mafia organisations-“

“You would be surprised.” was the answer.

“Have a nice day” he said as we said goodbye.

Sometimes it is quite good to have a conversation with the police, It gives them a feeling that they are doing a good job.

FOWC with Fandango: Arrest

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Arrest

  1. I sometimes think that the world is heading for a police state. This is popping up EVERYWHERE, from Australia to England to Switzerland and of course, Holland, Germany AND the U.S. For those of us who grew up right after WWII, this is a very scary business. That’s it’s bad HERE is one thing. That it’s bad all over the world makes it much worse.

    It’s as if no one remembers what happened or why. How could we all forget so soon?

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    • Although living in a small area we know most of the police here and on the few occasions I have spoken to them, they can be quite friendly as long as you are on the right side of the law.


  2. Comment and slight correction to Marilyn: Here on the prairies, except in the big cities, you’re pretty much on your own. The police for our area have their headquarters an hour away, at top speed — so best not have a burglar show up. We see a cruiser several times a year. Govt cutbacks and all. A town north of here is registering a complaint about the lack of policing because; town teens are cutting up unhindered.
    Actually, I read about some American city where a desperate woman phoned the police to report an intruder in her home and the switchboard lady told her, “Sorry but there’s no one on duty tonight. Call back in the morning.”

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  3. Police are the direct human interface between the citizens and their government. They are tools of the government and protect the best interests of the rulers. They are also human beings. I understand why protestors take to the streets against injustice. I also understand that the police are much more like the citizens than the rulers. Smart protestors would work on an alliance with the police.

    In your instance, the comment the officer made makes me wonder what’s going on under the surface of your postcard perfect town. What better place for a “godfather” to live 😉

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