RDP Tuesday: Delight

Just a plain bench, but a delight for me. The writing on the bench tells me it was manufactured for us by the VEBO. The VEBO is a Swiss organisation, a factory that trains handicapped people. My No. 2 son, who is autistic, did his apprenticeship there as a metal worker. They also have a carpentry department and this bench was manufactured in that department. The main factory is just a 10 minute train ride from our village.

Now this bench is in one of the stores I visit, just after you leave the cash desk and I really appreciate it. After the shopping is completed, I can have a sit down and sort my purse. I can organise my plastic money and receipts in peace and quiet and have no stress. I find that after completing the shopping you are inundated with all sorts of paper work and it easy to just quickly put it in your bag and get it all mixed up and perhaps even lose something on the way. Now I have a very nice bench to quietly sort everything. It is the little things in life that I very much appreciate, especially as a golden oldie that does tend to get a little mixed up now and again.

RDP Tuesday: Delight

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Delight

  1. yeah, this is a lovely idea and a thank you for your son’s education. I knew them mostly from England where in TQ every second bench was a dedication to some old friends. Some I’ve seen in France and also here in Switzerland.

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