Good Morning

It was such a misty morning with cloud cover that I gave up with a photo and decided on one of the Autumn coloured trees in my garden. Imagine my surprise when I uploaded it and found the sparrow in the tree. There is a second one, but it is half covered by a leaf. It is cleaning lady day today, but now she is finished and peace reigns for half an hour until dinner will be served.

And at last I can cook something Chinese style. Yesterday I discovered shoots which I very rarely find in my local store.There was one packet left and so the decision was made. At last a stir fry Chinese again with all the trimmings. I chopped some chicken breasts, added cabbage and a few other veg and flavoured it with a large share of soya sauce. I made it in a large pan, although I do have a wok, but it is a large wok and too much bother to use it. My Chinese cooking is not really the genuine thing, something I developed myself, but the main thing is that we like it and it will be eaten.

I was at local store yesterday which I actually prefer to the one in town. There is plenty of space and light. The only problem is that all the meat is pre-packed which is not so bad, but I so prefer my butchers where I can select the meat I want.

This afternoon, after a midday sleep, I will be off in town. No great shopping tour, but I must pick up my diabetes tables from the chemist. I have completely run out of them and only have the stronger ones. I also have something to pick up for Mr. Swiss.

Otherwise a typical Tuesday, with nothing special happening.

And now it seems that we will have a vaccine against the dreaded corona virus. It will take a time until it is available for all, but it seems by the end of the year we will probably have it. Trump is still crying about his stolen re-election as president and I give Mrs. Trump about a month before she sues for divorce and moves out.

The two magpies paid their morning visit again. I usually hear them before I see them.

And that’s that, nothing special happening. I am hoping that the sun will return this afternoon.

It arrived yesterday afternoon and the view of our local castle was wonderful on my way home from the store. In front of the castle you can see the mobile chicken coops and the chickens were all outside enjoying the weather.

Have a good day everyone and keep safe.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … the picture with the trees and the bird is wonderful. You have such an eye … Today is the last warm day here. Tomorrow the autumn monsoons come. So I will rake the leaves one last time and carry them all to the back of the yard where we have built these cages of rodent proof wire mesh .. the annual ritual is to put the leaves in … add vegetable clippings and peelings and coffee grounds all year long .. turn turn turn .. and voila .. the next autumn we have compost which is enough to last us for a year in the garden … then we clean out the cages (we have two … they are about 1.5 meters on a side and they are cubes … with lids … so we clean them out in October and when the leaves fall .. we are ready to go again .. life with the seasons .. have a great day .. SLP …

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    • Catching the birds in the tree was more luck than judgement. Luckily our leaves are transported in our containers by the local authorities, so no problem. I just have to organise my son to collect them for me.


  2. Good afternoon, I am behind today as a new caregiver. I have been talking with her about various items. We had snow this morning but it is partly sunny out now. This week it will stormy weather. I am not sure Mrs tump can leave the marriage due to her marriage contract and she has a son by him. Have a pleasant evening and stay safe.

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  3. Ha! One of my college roommates was of Chinese descent. His parents were from China.They took us to Chinese restaurants whenever I gave him a ride home to San Francisco. It was amazing how different it was from the common American Chinese food that I was sort of familiar with. It is also amazing how popular American Chinese food is with Chines people or people of Chinese descent.

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