RDP Saturday: Diversity

I always pass this house on my way to town and often something like this at the entrance. I think it is a good idea. If you have objects no longer needed, in this case books, just put them in a basket with a label saying free. I always stop and have a look This time he was clearing out the books, probably from his grandchildren. I had a quick look and was tempted by the book about making things, the one with the green cover, but I wheeled on. I hope someone finds something they need.

RDP Saturday: Diversity

6 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Diversity

  1. Some people put unwanted items on the street and they just sit there. But then they put a “Free” sign and everything disappears! For books, we have Little Libraries that work like take a book/bring a book. Depending on the neighborhood, I have picked up some pretty good reads. It is such a great way to share.

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  2. I did that with some of the books I read for the contest. There’s a developmentally disabled guy who walks past my house (he was Mindy’s best friend when she was alive) and he was looking through them. I went out to say hi. He said, “No Tom Grisham? I really like Tom Grisham. The library has a lot of Tom Grisham.”

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    • It is a good idea I suppose. We have at least four full book cases in the cellar with older books. They are Mr. Swiss books and it is up to him if he wants to dispose of them. Some of them are quite good, but I am now a complete Kindle person, much easier to read.

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